Family Break In Wales: Wednesday

Wednesday was a pretty chilled day, Isla slept in which was lovely so we had a lay in, we made pancakes for breakfast which is one of my favourite breakfasts! After that Isla was a bit restless and as I needed to get some blog posts done, Perry offered to take Isla swimming while I stayed at the lodge and got bits done. I packed the swimming bag for them and got Isla all wrapped up to go out in the cold as it was around a 10 minute walk to the pool from our lodge, once they left I got dressed and done my make up in peace and quiet for once haha! I think they had only been gone 20 minutes and I was already missing them, but then the work mind kicked in and off I went on the laptop typing away getting posts done. They was gone around 2 hours and when they got back Perry kindly made us all lunch, I was still busy typing away at the dining table. After lunch Isla went down for her usual afternoon nap 1:30 to 3:00 as we wanted to keep her in routine even though it was tempting to go out and explore, but we also didn't want a over tired unhappy toddler. The whole time she napped I was busy typing, and Perry played the PS4 so it was nice for him to have his own time too as he works hard so deserves it too.

After lunch we decided to head up to the Adventure centre as I wanted to go out and do something as Id been in all day, we got to the adventure centre and let Isla walk around and pick what she wanted to go on, she went on the bouncy castle as its definitely one of her favourites, and then she played in the toddler soft play area and even made some friends, it was so lovely watching them all take it in turns to go down the slide continuously. Isla and Daddy played a game of mini golf, Isla seemed to really enjoy it although I think she just liked swinging the golf club around more than anything. After that we headed into the arcade and played a game of air hockey, of course Mummy won hehe, after that we decided to head back to the lodge and get Isla fed and bathed as we decided to eat separately to Isla so we could have a romantic dinner and spend some special time together, we even packed candles but stupidly forgot about a lighter so we couldn't actually use them in the end, they just sat in the middle of the table, we just had to use our imaginations ;) 

Wednesday wasn't a very busy active day, but it was nice to have a somewhat chilled day as we did go away for a break too. 

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