London Excel Baby Show 2015: What We Bought

This was the first baby show we have been too, I don't think they were going on or as popular when I was pregnant with Isla so we didn't go to any. But this year I was 30 weeks pregnant with baby boy so we thought we would give it a go, we had a few things on our list to get and hearing that the brands we liked had good show offers on we headed to the show with a list of bits to get. When we got there I was a bit overwhelmed with it, so much was going on and also it was packed, can you imagine how many pushchairs were being pushed around. I'm not a fan of busy places so I felt really uncomfortable, but we had a good look round and bagged a few bargains for baby boy which I'm pleased about. It was a great experience and lovely to get information on new brands and inventions we hadn't seen or heard of before. I had planned to take pictures and make a great post about it etc but it was just so busy, Isla was starting to play up as well so I think if I ever go again I wouldn't take a toddler with me. But here are the bits we picked up for little man...

I needed some more pre natals vitamins and when we see the Pregnacare stand we immediately stopped, I only needed one more box to see me to the end of this pregnancy and they was on offer for £3 which was amazing! I didn't even know about the rest of the stuff that was in the goodie bag it came in, we got a vest that says 'Pregnacare helped look after mum and me!' which is adorable, also there was a full size bottle of the Pregnacare stretch cream, I have one already and it cost me over £5! So I was really shocked to see that in there, and then there was a cute little heart mirror, some leaflets and samples of other vitamins they do.

Next we visited the Tommee Tippee stand, it was packed and the queue was really long, but we went over as I wanted to get some of these bibs for little man, we used them with Isla and they were one of my newborn must haves! We have a few neutral ones left over that we can use, but I wanted to get some new ones and also some blue ones too. For this 4 pack of the Closer To Nature bibs it cost us £4.50! I remember buying a pack of 2/3 of these with Isla for close to £9 so I was well pleased with these ones. Thinking about it now I probably should of grabbed another set but never mind. 

These were one of the top items to get on our list, we used Mam bottles with Isla and also the dummies, plus all the weaning equipment when the time came. I'm a huge Mam fan and would happily sit talking about the bottles for ages, I'm a walking talking advert for them pretty much. We had the pink ones with Isla so of course needed to get some new blue ones this time, they do green for either gender but the designs are too cute not to get in the gender specific colours. We have 3 neutral small mam anti colic self sterilising bottles, so we just needed to get some bigger bottles, a pack of 3 cost us £8.50! Mothercare sell the 3 pack for £18.00 so we got 6 for the price of 3 pretty much. We also picked up some dummy clips that were £4.50, and I did see a breast feeding starter kit that was massively reduced but for some silly reason didn't buy it.

We stopped at the Mothercare stand and had a look around, we was hoping to get some Angelcare nappy bin refills, as we still have the bin from Isla we just need refills, but they seem hard to get and are always more expensive than the Tommee Tippee ones, so when we see this nappy bin in baby blue, we had to get it. You got the bin and 2 refills for £15.50 instead of £31.00 but then when you got to the till you got an extra 20% off the discount prices so it worked out £13.95 which was awesome!

These were a couple of freebies we was given while walking around, as well as many leaflets which I'm going to sit and go through at some stage, a lot of the leaflets have discount codes on so you can still get the show prices or a discount at home. 

Overall we had a great time, we got a few bits to tick off little mans list and also got to know a lot of new brands as well. Id like to go to another baby show, maybe try another location like Bluewater or something. That will probably be when little man is here, and then Isla can stay with family as I don't think it was very enjoyable for her. Did you go to the baby show? If so how did you enjoy it? 

Tara x

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  1. I can't imagine trying to take a toddler to a busy packed baby show while being pregnant. I need open spaces at the minute!!!!

    Ooh you are due 3 days after me :)


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