My 22nd Birthday!

On the 24th February I turned 22! I had a great day and can't thank you all enough for the messages on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I was woken up by Isla bringing in my presents, which she then sat in front of me and opened them haha, I was also made breakfast in bed which was lovely and a great way to start the day. I got dressed, picked out Isla a outfit to wear and then daddy got her dressed as its such a battle everyday it only seemed fair he do it on my birthday. We headed off to a nearby outlet and had a look around, I didn't have anything in mind that I wanted to get we just thought it would make a difference from our normal town shopping. We stopped in Costa so we could warm up on hot chocolates and cake, Isla really enjoyed it and was surprisingly very well behaved, I think any toddler with cake in front of them is going to be a little Angel haha. We then carried on looking round the shops, I could of bought a few bits of clothing for bump but to be honest he has the essentials and I know for sure nearer the time we will be given loads of gifts from family so I don't want to have to many clothes, and also with moving coming up I'm trying to save my money for new bits for the house.

We then went back to our town as I had been sent some vouchers from Matalan for my birthday and wanted to use them, I had to buy a few things on my birthday didn't I? Of course all I bought was bits for the kids, bump got a few bits he needed like a towel, and they both got matching Mickey and Minnie Mouse UV suits and hats for our holiday in September! I cant wait for them to wear them they are going to look adorable matching each other. After Matalan I headed to Boots as I wanted to pick up a few bits ready to pack my hospital bag in a few weeks, they had a offer on the maternity towels etc so I picked up some of them and a bottle brush as we didnt have one of those either, I also got bump another towel as I just couldnt resist it. Perry thinks I'm crazy but spending my birthday money on the kids was the best thing that could make me happy, oh I did buy myself something, I got a pack of 5 pairs of socks! Perry ran back to the car to get the pushchair as Isla was starting to want to be picked up, while he was away me and Isla ran into The Entertainer, they had 25% off play doh and Isla is OBSESSED with it at the moment so I let her pick a new little set and she was so excited about it, she even gave it to the lady behind the till and said thank you bye as we left haha. 

We got a cone of chips as we had Costa at a funny time and skipped lunch as we was still full from cake, we then came home and after I sat down for a bit I started to get changed as Perry was taking me out for dinner at 7, he ended up taking me to a Chinese I had been wanting to go to for ages and I'm so glad he did because it was so lovely and also so nice to have a proper chat with Perry and just relax for a while. When we got home I got to see my birthday cake that Perry had designed and picked everything out for me, he done a great job because it looked amazing and tasted even better! After feeling like I was in a food coma we snuggled up in bed and I fell asleep while we watched a film. I had a great day, 22 feels like such a weird age, Im no longer the special age of 21 and the next big birthday is 30! 

Do you find you spend your birthday money on your child/ren? I think its just a typical mummy thing to do but at times you do need to spoil yourself too :)


  1. I'm the same always spending birthday and Christmas money on James. I have that big birthday of 30 coming up in a few weeks eek!!!

  2. So glad you had a lovely day, Perry did SO good with that cake! I'm always spending my money on Indie. I don't need anything so just ask for Next vouchers haha xx

  3. Awe lovely post and sounded like gorgeous day too!! Totally agree I far prefer spending on my girls than on me! Really is a mummy thing to do xxx


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