Road Trip With A Toddler

We are away at the moment in Pembrokeshire Wales on a week break at Bluestone's, so I thought I'd share with you our tips and must haves for a road trip with toddlers. Our journey took about 7 hours total, we stopped after 3 hours for around 15 minutes and then after another 2 hours driving we stopped for lunch for around 30 minutes, so as you can tell we was in the car for a LONG time. So here are the things that are essentials and what we found useful for when travelling a long way with our 2 year old daughter Isla. 

1. Check the car 

Before we set off Perry checked over the car, this is something that only takes 5 minutes and can help prevent any car trouble from happening (nothing worse heading off on a holiday and then breaking down) especially being that it is winter as well. He topped up the water bottle, checked the tyres to make sure they didn't need any air in them (one of them was low so he topped it up) and he just had a overall look around. I also checked Isla's car seats to make sure the straps were OK and level or above her shoulders as she is going through a massive growth spurt at the moment.

2. iPad & Mount 

Isla is generally pretty good in the car, we regularly make an hour drive up to Perry's family and she will sit in her car seat happily amusing herself or just watching out the window. But sometimes she can get a bit irritable which is totally understandable and I don't blame her at all, so in the event of her throwing a paddy we brought our iPad and a mount so that it can clip on the head rest and she can watch some of her cartoons. I have an app on it so we can stream YouTube videos and she can watch them without us being connected to the internet. 

3. Favourite Toys

Id recommend packing some of your child's favourite toys, something that they love which will keep them happy and also be of a comfort as well. Obviously within reason, I mean I couldn't pack Isla's toy kitchen haha. We brought her baby doll, a couple of books, a v-tech electronic toy and her mega sketcher. We also brought along her musical sea horse that we use of a night time when she goes to sleep, also her giant Peppa Pig teddy, we wasn't planning on bringing it, she grabbed her as we left in the morning hehe.

4. Blankets

If you are planning on leaving early in the morning, especially in this freezing cold weather then maybe put the duvet over your little one. We did this for Isla until we stopped for the first break, we needed to bring the duvet with us anyway so it made sense. Otherwise I would of just used a couple of thick snuggly blankets instead, but I did bring a couple for in the afternoon as it was still quite cold in the car at times.

5. Juice and Snacks

I bought some snacks the day before we left for our trip, I looked for snacks that were in individual bags so that it would be easier to give them to Isla. I got some from the Organix Goodies range, the alphabet biscuits were definitely a favourite of hers. I also got a 4 pack of Fruit Shoots, not the best thing I know but I don't mind her having one now and again. It just made it so much easier when we was on the go and also quickly for me to get to her while we was in the car.

6. Plan ahead

We looked on Google maps for all the services available on the route we was taking, this way we could plan stops on a regular basis. We went for 2 hourly stops, this was also good for me, being 27 weeks pregnant and needing to wee all the time and also for Perry as he was the poor one doing all the driving. It gave us time to stretch our legs and for our bottoms to have a break from sitting down all the time. Our first stop was after 3 hours as Isla fell asleep so when she woke up we stopped, and then again after 2 hours we stopped and it was 12ish so was perfect for lunch, another 2 hours and we had reached our destination so it worked out perfect. On the way home we will probably do the same again, drive for 3 hours and then stop after another 2 as it will be later, so on either the first or second stop (depending on what time we leave) that will be our dinner stop. We also got a estimated journey time which was 5 hours 30 minutes, but it ended up being longer due to traffic etc so always be prepared for that.

7. Leave Early/Late

Rush hour traffic can cause such delays when you are travelling, we had planned to leave at 6am to get ahead before all the rush hour traffic, but Perry forgot to set the alarm so instead we left at 7am. On the way we got caught in the traffic of all the mums trying to get the children to school and this held us up for quite some time. Also on the motorway we had a few stop and start moments as everyone was driving to work. We was going to leave later so that we would miss most of this but because of how long the journey is and wanting to make the most of our break, we opted to leave extra early. Well we tried to haha so remember to set your alarm ;)
We also made Isla up a beaker of warm milk for when she got in the car, this way it kept her nice and warm and she could drink her morning milk. We also filled the petrol tank right up before we left so we knew we would have enough fuel, to get us to our destination. We use our iPhones as satnavs, but if you don't have one then remember your satnav in case you get lost or if you need to find the next services for food/fuel. In the glove compartment I also have some of them foil emergency blankets, just in case we was to ever break down we would be able to keep warm while waiting for recovery. Also make sure you do have a recovery back up in case you are to break down on your journey, as you wouldn't want to be stuck in the middle of no where with toddler/babies. This is all I can think of, I hope you find this helpful.

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  1. This was really helpful :). We're going in March and by then indiana will be almost 16 months and I'll be 20 weeks pregnant! Will remember lots of snacks and toys haha xx


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