31 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

Ah I cant believe I am 31+6 days pregnant today! Its just crazy, I'm now in the single digit countdown, well I have been for almost a week now. I write my posts on the 6th day (last day of that week) so that I can talk about that week, but lately I've noticed some people do updates the day they turn a new week. I think ill carry on the way I have been doing it as if I done a 32 week update tomorrow I don't know what id talk about lol. 

So week 31 has been pretty good, obviously I'm at the uncomfortable stage now, but I cant keep moaning about it every week I think you would all get bored, but I am really starting to struggle with getting my shoes and socks on, bending down is a nightmare so I find I'm asking Isla to pick things up for me, poor girl haha. My SPD has been OK this week, although I did go out yesterday and walked quite a bit so last night I was in a lot of pain, also today I am feeling a bit of discomfort so spending the day at home to recover. Ive been having a few pains this week, sharp pains in my lower belly and then at the top, also period pain has been happening this week, only slightly uncomfortable for me to notice it. 

Sleeping is becoming more uncomfortable, I find it so hard to get comfy and then my legs gets restless, turning over in bed is so painful as well due to the SPD, I find myself groaning all the time I move. I am back to waking up 3 times a night for a wee, its so annoying as getting up from the bed is not easy at all, but I have to go otherwise I cant get back to sleep and I don't want to risk getting a water infection etc. I'm so glad that *fingers crossed* so far I have not suffered with any kidney stones, infections etc like I did with Isla, I only had a slight water infection at the start of this pregnancy and that's it. Although I have been suffering in other ways this time as I never had sciatica or SPD with Isla. 

A exciting thing that happened last week but I forgot to put it in my post, my boobs have been leaking for weeks and its just been clear, but now they are leaking yellow colostrum! I have to wear breast pads everyday so it doesn't stain my bras, and then at home I wear sports bras and also to sleep in with pads. We are nearly all set for little man, we literally just have a few odd bits to get and then stuff for my hospital bag and we are done! I am seeing the midwife next week and I think after that one I see her every 2 weeks? So that is super exciting, I cant believe how close I am now. I'm starting to get a little nervous etc but overall I'm just so excited to meet him! I know I will be so much more emotional this time, not sure if its because of the miscarriage that happened 2 weeks before we conceived this baby, or if its just because I know what to do and expect this time so feel a lot less scared. 



  1. I love your bump photo this week, you are truly blooming! So sorry you're suffering - my hips have started aching when I'm standing for long periods at work so fx I'm not getting anything lol. Woohoo to single digit countdown! Xx

  2. You look so well!! Lovely bump, all the best xx

    Paige - www.paigespreferences.com

  3. Wow time is flying by! Lovely bump shot :) Sorry to hear you have been struggling with the SPD I know what a pain that can be (literally!) Thanks for linking with #MaternityMondays xx


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