32 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

Last week was a pretty busy week, hence this post going up so late as I am actually 33 weeks 3 days today! Actually I don't think any blog posts went up last week which I am so annoyed about but I was generally so busy I didn't get time. One thing I still suffered with was nose bleeds, in the mornings I would wake up and could taste blood in my mouth and when I got a tissue and blew my nose it would have blood on it. My acid reflux has also come back, its always when I lay down in bed so I have to slowly work my way into a laying position otherwise it triggers it. 

I finally had my whooping cough injection done, it was fine and I didn't feel a thing but for 2 days afterwards it was pretty sore. I am starting to suffer with awful pregnancy brain, I am forgetting things and can never remember how many weeks I am, and then I have a huge shock when I do finally work it out and then I panic because nothing is ready for the little man as we are still waiting to move. My SPD is getting worse, its a lot more painful now and I cant even imagine how much worse it will get as the weeks go by, also my back is becoming really painful, its not my lower back its more around where the bra strap goes across your back. 

My belly button is starting to stick out at the top now so I don't think it will be long before its out all the way, with Isla it only ever stuck out at the top so it will be interesting to see what happens this time. I have quite a few stretch marks on my legs, they cant be helped so I am not getting to upset about them, I have been using creams etc and they do help, they just won't 100% prevent them.

Midwife Appointment 
I see the midwife last Thursday when I was 32+6, my blood pressure was fine, my urine was all good apart from a few ketones but that was because I hadn't eaten in a while, the babies heartbeat was all good up in the 140s, when she measured my bump it was measuring a week ahead, I remember with Isla at this point she was measuring around 3 weeks behind so it shows I am definitely bigger this time around. We talked a little bit about the birth but are going to go more into detail at my next appointment which is only in 2 weeks! So yep I am now seeing the midwife every 2 weeks which is just crazy to me its flying by now. 

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  1. Wowee look at that bump! Sorry to hear you're suffering (I'm kind of glad im not the only one who's having a rougher time this time though if that makes sense haha). You know it's getting close when you see midwife more often! Xx


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