33 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

33+6 days pregnant: 

This week has been pretty painful my SPD has been awful as I totally over did it on Friday as I took Isla to soft play and was running round after her, ever since I've been in so much pain and if you have or are suffering with this then you know how painful it can be, at times I must pull awful faces but it just hurts to move so much. Because of the pain and also sciatica on my right leg it means now my left knee is hurting as I'm putting more weight on it as I am kind of limping when I walk because of the pain. I'm now struggling to finish meals, even stuff I really really like, and I get so upset because I do want to eat it and it smells so good, but I just don't have the room! 

My braxton hicks are getting a lot more noticeable now, I can feel my belly getting all hard like I've got a bowling ball up my top, literally! Ive also been suffering from period pains but this week they seemed to have gone up a notch on the painful side and are a lot more uncomfortable now. I bought a V pillow to help me sleep, and I also thought it would be good to use once the baby is here for breast feeding and also when he starts sitting up etc, it definitely has helped with making sleep more comfortable. Ive started using Lansinoh cream on my nipples, I read that its good to start getting it soaked in for a few weeks before you give birth, so when I get out the bath now I use it. My skin is pretty dry and so is my scalp, it could be to do with the weather as it is starting to get a little warmer now, and my skin especially my face is really sensitive so its pretty dry at the moment. I'm looking forward to seeing the midwife next week for my 35 week check up! I cant believe how quick its going...

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