Mummy & Me | March 2015

We have decided to join in with the new linky that Nicola - Life Through My Eyes has created, it is a great idea as I am very guilty of not getting enough pictures of me and Isla, so now we have this linky it will prompt me to take a picture at least once a month! Also when little man gets here I can start having monthly pictures taken with him too as well as both of them together - that is my plan anyway. 

Surprisingly without knowing I had already taken a few pictures of me and Isla this month that are perfect to use for our first Mummy & Me link up, we was in Isla's room getting ready and decided to take a few selfies in the mirror.. 

So that is our photo for Mummy & Me March 2015, I cant wait to look back on all these and see the change in us both, not just a physical change but also our bond growing stronger and stronger. 

Tara x

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes


  1. Such a lovely photo, I love isla cheeky smile :) xx

    1. Aww Thank You! Cant wait to get more pictures of us together in the next year :) x

  2. I do love looking back on pictures and this one is a gorgeous one to have of you both. Thank you for linking up #mummyandme xx


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