Beautiful Beach Day

The other week we had some beautiful weather, it got up to 24 degrees here, with no breeze so it was extra hot. As soon as I woke up I knew it was going to be the best day for the weather, luckily me and my friend had already arranged to meet up so we decided to head to the beach for the day. I smothered Isla in sun cream and got her dressed, we packed up our beach tent, mats, bucket and spades, plus sun cream and a change of clothes for Isla. 

The beach is within walking distance for us so after piling everything on to the pushchair we left at around 10:30, once we got to the beach we set up our little camp and waited for my friend to arrive. It was so lovely, you could of closed your eyes and been anywhere you wanted! Isla was enjoying playing with her bucket and spade set, the last time she used them was last year and so this year she enjoys them even more and even knew how to make a proper sand castle by herself - even if it did get knocked down straight away. Me and my friend had a good catch up while Isla was playing and then we walked down to the sea so we could cool off. Isla was loving it, she did go in a little too far and ended up getting her outfit wet, but good ole Mum was one step ahead and had the second outfit ready and waiting, as well as a poncho towel. 

After bribing Isla back up to our tent my friend took her to go and get some chips, you cant beat having sea side chips at the beach, they just taste that bit better? It was starting to get really hot and I was getting a bit irritable, I just felt huge and having a big bump didn't help the situation. We then got a ice cream to help cool us off a bit, but shortly after we decided to pack up and head home. Isla was due a nap and was getting mischievous so it was perfect timing really. 

It was such a lovely day, I cant wait for the weather to get warmer and have more days down on the beach, it really is my happy place! I hope wherever you was that you had good weather and enjoyed it as much as we did. 

Mummy & Me | April 2015

This month Isla and I have been enjoying the last moments before the baby gets here, which has meant lots of special moments, we have been painting, making cakes, going on walks, swimming, the beach, crabbing, soft play, and of course Isla has been a little spoilt by Mummy! The weather has been lovely and we have been making the most of it when we can, I do feel a little sad as I haven't actually been in many of the photos, but it has definitely given me a reminder that I need to make more of a effort to stop and get a photo of us both. 

Today I took a few pictures as these really could be our last ones together as Baby Boy is due tomorrow.. I guess I also haven't wanted to be in photos as I just feel so big and don't look great, but never mind, these are the photos I got today, I couldn't choose just one! 

I feel like the book says it all really, haha! 

She wanted to press the remote button and be like Mummy.

So I can now officially say that Mummy & Me May, I will have 2 beautiful children to have photos with! How exciting, I cant wait! 

Tara xx

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes

Maternity Photos At 38 Weeks

Our family at any day now can be joined by our new little bundle, although I cant wait to have this baby and get my body back to myself, part of me also feels a little bit sad to not be pregnant anymore. I love that my Son is currently dependable on me, he can hear my heart beating from the inside, he is attached to me and nobody can take him away, I guess it kind of sounds a little selfish but once he's born he's not 100% mine anymore. This could also be my last pregnancy, so as much as I am starting to get fed up I also really want to savour these last few days/weeks of being pregnant. Feeling movements from the inside, his little hiccups in the evening, the way he moves when I am taking a bath etc its still so surreal to me, I cant believe that today, tomorrow and so on could be my last day of being pregnant, my last day of being a Mummy of 1, and also our last day of being a small family of 3! Now that the weather is getting warmer I want to try and get some last maternity photos of me and bump, I don't have any nice ones with Isla so this time I want to make sure I get some. I already have some that my friend took for me a few weeks back, but out on one of our "bring on labour" walks the other evening I stopped and asked Perry to take a few pictures for me. I might not be looking great, but I am showing the truth, what a pregnant full term Mum of a toddler looks like come 8pm, these are special photos for me, for me to look back on in years to come so I can remember what it was like to be doing such a amazing job, creating life. 

Vital Touch Natalia - Pregnancy Range Review

Being in my third trimester I have been really enjoying making the most of my evenings once my extremely energetic toddler goes to bed, it has meant I have resulted to practically having a bath every night and making time to enjoy these last moments of being able to have a good ole pamper. Thankfully the lovely people from Vital Touch sent me some goodies to use and try out, they most definitely have come in handy, 2 products in particular are my favourites and I have been using them practically everyday! They also sent a booklet with massage techniques in, I gave this to my partner to read as he has been the one giving me massages with the oils, also when I go into labour he can use some of the massage techniques then. Taken from their website but also something that I love about these products is "Our products are 100% naturally derived and use 97-100% organic ingredients, grown without the use of pesticides- we do our utmost to ethically source the ingredients we use, from the UK and internationally. Our packaging is made from responsibly sourced or recycled materials and is also 100% recyclable." I have been trying them out for a good few weeks now so I feel I can finally give a honest review on them, the products I was sent are as follows:

1- Prenatal Leg Refresher 60ml £10.00

This has become one of my absolute must haves! Running round after a toddler isn't easy, especially at 39 weeks pregnant. I have been suffering with awful restless leg syndrome in the evenings right as I'm ready to go to sleep. This stuff is a life saver, it has an instant cooling effect on your legs and feet which feels amazing, it has helped my legs so much with them feeling restless. I've also enjoyed getting my partner to rub it in my feet and legs after a long day, it gives me a good excuse to go and put my feet up for 20 minutes and relax, just what any pregnant women needs. I still have quite a bit left in the bottle, a little goes a long way so I will be continuing to use it

2 - Prenatal Bath Soak 100ml £8.75

Taking a bath has been one of my favourite things to do, its my time to relax and also my aching body just loves being in the warm water and the baby seems to enjoy it too as he wiggles around so much in my belly, I find it such a good time to bond with him. It has lavender in it, which smells lovely - I'm not normally keen on lavender scents but it wasn't too over powering, also the lavender ensured I got a good nights sleep as well so that was a bonus, it doesn't create a load of bubbles, just a few. I would get out the bath feeling completely relaxed and ready for the rest of my pamper with the massage oils. The bottle is now empty! So definitely gets a thumbs up from me. 

After pouring in the last bit of my bottle!

3 - Prenatal Anti-Stretch Oil 100ml £18.50

This was one product I was most excited to try, I have stretch marks on the tops of my legs, inner thighs, bum, a couple on my lower areas of my legs and also one on each breast from Islas pregnancy. I don't have any on my stomach area, I think this pregnancy has given me a very small one its like a dot, so I was keen to find something that would help the ones I have got and to help prevent new ones. One thing I hate is feeling greasy and oily, but after a few minutes this oil really does sink into your skin and you are then happy to put your clothes or pyjamas on without it feeling horrible. It says to use it twice a day but I have only been using it in the evenings after my bath. Using this product was also a good way for my partner to connect with me and bond with the baby, he could use the massage techniques to apply this on me and he liked doing it as he knew I was enjoying it and it was helping me to relax.

4 - Mums Miracle Balm 30ml £9.50

This is my second favourite product that I was sent, I have been using it multiple times a day, and for different things. I struggle with having a very sensitive face, so when it is dry (even more when I'm pregnant) I really struggle with finding a product that doesn't make my face red and blotchy. I have been using this on my cheek bones, my nose and the area in the middle of my eye brows, it goes on really smoothly, it appears quite a hard substance but as soon as you rub your finger on it, it melts like butter. I have also been using it on my stretch marks directly, and also other scars that I have, I also love using it on my lips before I apply any lip stick or lip gloss on top. I can see this little tub lasting me ages so it is definitely worth the money. You can even use it on the ends of your hair, I haven't tried it yet but I will once I have my hair cut so I can keep the ends healthy and hydrated. 

5 - Prenatal Instant Revitaliser 10ml £7.50

This smells so refreshing, it is organic orange and geranium and it smells really good. You simply unscrew the lid and using the roller ball you simply roll it on the inside of your wrists and behind your ears. Its such a handy size I have been taking it out with me in my changing bag and while I'm out and feeling a bit tired I just use this, even if it doesn't work the smell definitely wakes me up a bit. Im not entirely sure if it does help, it could be all in my head but I do seem to get a little boost from it, even still there is no harm in using it. Once the baby is born I can still use it then, and think I will appreciate it more as well! A little goes a long way, I've used it a good few times and still have loads left. 

Overall I am really happy with the products, my favourites have to be the leg refresher and the mums miracle balm. I love using natural products, I don't have to worry about any nasty chemicals and can feel at ease about using them especially while pregnant. The oil has provided a great bonding time for me, my partner and our unborn son, I have been loving all the massages using the stretch oil and also the effect the leg refresher had on my restless legs has been a life saver. I am definitely going to look at the new baby products they have as I really want to do baby massage, and I love how these products feel, something I have always found with other oils is them leaving me feeling greasy and yucky, but these absorb into the body really well. 

*I was sent these products to review. I was not paid for this and all opinions are my own

38 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

I'll start with my midwife appointment: all went well, urine, blood pressure, baby's heartbeat was all perfect. He is still head down and in a low position. The only thing that came up was that my bump had not grown in 2 weeks, she wasn't too concerned as it could just be where he has dropped but if the next time I come back it's the same or still small she will send me for a scan. We talked more about the birth and she said in 2 weeks time (the day before my due date) we will talk about sweeps and induction! Really hoping that I won't be going to that appointment and instead will have a baby by then. 

This week has been pretty good, other then starting to feel a little bit fed up (totally understandable right?) and the heat annoying me a bit, I've otherwise been in pretty good spirit. I've really enjoyed spending time with Isla as I know how close I am now to having a new born, so everything me and Isla do I am treasuring and making the most of it. Over the weekend I was having a few period pains, loosing more plug, I also had a huge 2 hour nap on Sunday so I must of needed it, when I woke up I had a few pains and mild contractions. We had been on a walk so maybe that helped my cervix to start dilating, I think it did as on the Monday morning I lost a huge bit of my plug. 

My boobs have been leaking a lot more and I'm actually able to pump and get a mild flow! I've only done it a couple of times as the midwife said nipple stimulation is great for bringing on labour. I've been going for a few walks and generally keeping pretty active, I've noticed a lot more pain this week, as in period cramps and also feeling really heavy and dull in my lower belly. Night time has been awful, I have been getting up around 5 times for a wee, most of the time I'll go and by the time I've walked back to the bedroom I need to go again, but when I go it's only a tiny amount! How frustrating, and it's the evenings I find when I start to feel a bit fed up and wanting the baby to come. But generally I'm still feeling pretty happy and upbeat! 

37 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

Week 37 was a odd week, I felt very all over the place, my emotions were a bit crazy one minute I was happy and excited, then the next thing I just wanted to cry. I'm not normally like that so it was a bit odd for me to feel that way, I kept pretty active and went for a few gentle walks. We also had some pretty hot weather here, it got up to 24 degrees and I was with Isla and my friend on the beach, the heat was starting to get pretty unbearable towards the afternoon and I didn't know what to do with myself. 

I was having a few on and off period pains and also loosing bits of my plug. Hopefully all the walking has been helping me to start dilating, I felt like he was going to come this week but now I feel like I have a very comfy little boy and can see myself possibly going over due! Isla came at 39 weeks exactly so maybe he will come at the same gestation? 

I haven't weighed myself in ages as my mums scales have run out of battery but I really want to weigh myself before I have the baby and then again afterwards! I've been feeling pretty good otherwise, and can't wait to meet little man! 

Me & Mine: March 2015

March has seemed to last forever, I don't know why it just seems like we have been in this month for ages, so could this be the last month of us being a family of 3? Me & Mine April could be our first monthly photo as a family of 4, I cant wait to see what happens and if we will have our little boy joining us. This past month I have seemed to stay at home a lot as I am generally a lot more tired, also we have had a few rounds of illnesses, currently Perry is suffering so thats not fun. We did have Mothers Day so that was lovely, and also a lot of preparing and building new furniture for Bump. 

Mummy's March Highlights

- Going to the farm on Mother's Day and watching Isla feed the animals, even the bag... Ooops.
- Going to Ikea for the first time in YEARS and getting new furniture so she can organise phew.
- Getting the last few bits on Bumps list ticked off, also getting breastfeeding supplies.
- Finally upgrading and going back to a Apple iPhone 6 woo hoo never again will I leave the Apple family. 

Daddy's March Highlights

- Mummy buying him a new game for the PS4, he hasn't stopped playing it since.
- Taking Isla out on her toy motorbike.
- Getting the bikes ready for summer bike rides woo.
- Taking his girls out to their favourite restaurant, Pizza Hut. 

Isla's March Highlights

- Her first ice-cream factory experience at Pizza Hut was epic. 
- Going to soft play with her best friend, it had been a while (naughty Mummy).
- Going on the tractor ride at the farm, she giggled with her cousin the whole time. 
- Picking her own shoes in the shop, she was so excited to get them and loves wearing them now.

dear beautiful

Little Man's First Outfit

So I thought I would share what we have picked for our little man to wear for his first clothes, I decided this time I would go for something gender neutral, I love seeing new born babies in white, there is something about it that just seems right, its so fresh and new looking. Isla's first sleep suit was pink and she looked cute and I loved the sleep suit, but this time I found the perfect sleep suit and it just so happened to be gender neutral which is great, as until he is born and I check between his legs nothing is 100% haha. 

This is his first outfit we have picked out..
Nappy - Size 1 Newborn by Asda Little Angels 
Vest - Newborn Primark - White with baby blue stars 
Sleep suit - Up to 1 month Next - Built in mittens
Hat - 0-3 Months Next 

A close up of the sleep suit, the stars are also all over the back of it. As soon as I saw it I knew it was the first sleep suit we would put him in. We decided on up to 1 month size as Isla's first sleep suit was the same size and also from Next and it fit her without looking huge and she was 6lb 13oz. I have packed 2 other sleep suits in the hospital bag, one that Isla used in up to 1 month from Next but it seems smaller than this one, maybe it shrunk? And the other one is a Newborn Primark sleep suit which is nautical, so we will have a smaller one to put him in if these are too big. 

What did/are you putting your baby in for their first outfit?
Tara x

36 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2


Ill start off with what happened at my midwife appointment last week, all went well with my blood pressure, urine, baby's heartbeat etc the midwife felt my belly and for the first time it was so painful when she done it! She had to really push into my belly to get a good feel of his position, and then was asking me to breathe in etc. Afterwards we had quite a long good chat, I must of been in the room for about half an hour, and about 5 times she said to me "I will see you in 2 weeks unless you have him before" she also asked me to be prepared and to pack my hospital bag. Just because of how quick my labour and delivery was with Isla, plus current situation she advised it would be best to be ready in case. So I packed the baby bag I just need to finish mine off over the next few days and we are then all good to go! 

So since last Friday I have been having lots of period cramps or twinges I guess you could call them, my mum looks so confused when I say I have period pain but it just feels the same and I read its normal and basically is just the body warming up for labour etc and the midwife said is how early labour starts off. Saturday and Sunday TMI ALERT: I have been loosing bits of my plug which is exciting, and could be the start of something going on down below. Little man has also been really bashing away at my cervix which is so painful and unpleasant, his movements have been crazy too, one night I was almost in tears begging him to stop because it hurt so bad and he wouldn't stop constantly moving for like 10 minutes. 

Ive been having some vivid dreams, one where I was in labour and then another where I gave birth and it was on a Friday? Could this mean something hehe. I have had a few people guessing dates they think the baby will come, I find it super exciting, when you get to this point in your pregnancy you enjoy having the hope of dates people have predicted. My Mum has said Monday 13th, this is mainly because she is going into hospital to have a minor op so said it will be typical that he will come the same day, Ive had another guess of Wednesday 15th, this could be possible and cool as Isla was born on a Wednesday as well, and the last date is Sunday 19th with 2 people predicting this date as Isla and also her cousin were both born on the 19th so that would be a cool date as well. Obviously I know he will come when he is ready and knowing my luck lately Ill probably be over due! 

Ive been SUPER tired this week, to the point I actually fell asleep yesterday when Isla was napping! I wasn't planning on it, I was laying on the bed watching ITV Player on the iPad and I fell asleep mid programme haha! Ive also been back to waking up 3-4 times a night for a wee, and when I go its like the tiniest bit which is super annoying. I think that's all I can think of for this week, silly me didn't write down any notes as things have just been crazy. We have started to prepare for little man at my parents house as we are still here at the moment so obviously need to try and make room and move stuff around etc. It won't be ideal but I need to prepare for him and couldn't put it off any longer so if he comes we will be ready, if we move before he comes then that will be great too! 

My Third Trimester Must Haves

So now that I am getting super close to having baby #2 I thought I would share what I have been loving, especially in these last few weeks of pregnancy. With only 4 weeks today to go until my due date these are currently what I am loving using and what have been helping the weeks go by. 

1) My V pillow - I was going to buy a proper maternity pillow but left it a bit to late so instead I decided to buy a standard V pillow from Dunelm, I thought it is perfect because it gives me the support I need for my back when sitting up in bed or on the sofa, I also snuggle into it when I go to sleep as well, or if I need more support for my bump and legs I put my bump on one side and the other side of it goes in-between my legs. I also thought it would be great for after I give birth, I can use it for when I am trying to breastfeed and also to lay the baby on for a support pillow - he can also use it when he is learning to sit up so it can go behind him incase he was to fall back. 

2) Lansinoh Nipple Cream - Last week I started using this cream as I read its a good idea to get it soaked in to help for when you breast feed, when I tried with Isla one of the biggest problems I had was my nipples being so sore and even bleeding! This time I want to give breastfeeding a good try so researched the best nipple cream mums recommended and Lansinoh came up every time. I ordered mine off Amazon as this was the cheapest place I could find it. Hopefully I can report back that it has helped once little man gets here.

3) Vital Touch Natalia Prenatal Leg Refresher - My legs have been so restless and ache so much, especially the past few weeks, this was sent to me to try out and I have been loving it so much! It has a instant cooling effect on your legs which is perfect to stop them from aching, its also nice because I get my other half to do it for me so my feet and legs get a nice rub which helps after a busy day of running round after a toddler. You can buy it here

4) Vital Touch Natalia Mums Miracle Balm - This stuff really is a miracle, I use it on my dry lips, dry patches on my face and also my stretch marks! It really does help and I love the texture of it as I can be quite fussy when it comes to putting oils and greasy products on my legs where my stretch marks are, but this soaks in lovely and can be used for loads of things. You can buy it here

5) Extra Long Shoe Horn - As it is still quite cold I am wearing my uggs and trainers still, I was hoping it would be warmer so I could wear slip on shoes but some days its too cold for them. I suffer with SPD so bending etc can be really painful, and for any women in their third trimester putting shoes and socks on can be a challenge anyway. I picked up this one from Ikea and its great as I hardly have to bend to put my shoes on when I go out. 

6) Baby Centre App - I have been using this app since I found out I was pregnant, it gives you a new update every day for example it may say rest up today or take a belly photo today. It also gives you a weekly update of the baby and what is going on inside with diagrams, also a daily countdown to your due date which I have found super fun to countdown the days (Only 28 days today) I also have been loving the Ovia Pregnancy App so that is another good one to download. 

7) iPad - These past few days I have no shame in admitting that I have been falling asleep pretty early, being pregnant alone is tiring, but add a toddler and preparing for baby in the mix and it really does take it out of you. So when Isla is napping or when I am doing my ironing I use the iPad to catch up with reading everyones blogs, watching videos and also catching up on ITV Player as well. 

8) Batiste Dry Shampoo - This has been a must have for me since becoming a mum, but I find myself turning to it even more now that I am pregnant. Its great for the days I have to go out but was too tired to wash my hair the night before. I use to wash my hair twice a week but lately it has been only once! 

9) H&M Maternity Jeans - These jeans have been my favourites the whole time, they are so soft and stretchy and I love the way they fit me. They are also a great price too at £24.99, I have 2 pairs to alternate between. 

10) Soft And Comfy Bras - I got 2 of these from George at Asda, they are perfect for when at home as your boobs are always growing and changing shape throughout pregnancy and these bras give you enough support to wear in the day time at home, but also the freedom they need to grow. I wear mine of a night time with breast pads once my boobs started to leak, as its not nice waking up to wet patches on your pyjama top or like I done, opening the door to the postman in the morning without realising I had a wet patch on my top! I have these ones here 

What did you find helpful throughout your pregnancy and in the third trimester? Ive still got a few weeks to go so if you can recommend anything let me know! 

Tara x

35 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2


I will start off with what happened at my check up with the midwife last week, all went well my urine was fine, blood pressure was good, Baby's heart beat was perfect, he is head down with his back laying on my right side, my Bump is measuring perfect - a little on the bigger side but nothing too major to be a concern. I will be seeing her next week (tomorrow) instead of in two weeks though, I did tell her about the pains I had been having and she said if they got worse then I needed to ring the delivery suite. Other than that everything was good, we didn't really talk about anything else, not sure if its because this is my second baby or not but she doesn't seem to ask much about what I want to do at the birth etc. 

The past week has been pretty good, I'm glad to say I've not had any more painful period pains so thats good, also my SPD has been good this week, although at times when he seems really low I do feel a bit bruised down their! He seems to get quite low and make my belly fully drop and then the next day he must pop his head back out of my pelvis. This is just him getting ready I guess which is exciting, I cant believe I am going to be 36 weeks on Friday, and today is a month exactly until my due date! We have everything for him now, his swing came today which was exciting, I cant wait to set it up. But in terms of things being ready that is where I am starting to panic, nothing is ready for him really as we still are unsure if we are going to be moving before he is born, but I have decided that this week I need to stop putting it off and just get his bits ready, and if we do move then at least I am all good to go. I will be packing mine and the Baby's hospital bag over the next week and when they are done I will show you what I am taking with me! I honestly cant believe how close I am now, it still doesn't seem real. I feel so emotional thinking about meeting this little boy, as he is extra special being our Rainbow baby. Please excuse the way I look this week, I am so tired and also everyone has this awful bug thats going around so I'm looking after them at the moment.