36 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2


Ill start off with what happened at my midwife appointment last week, all went well with my blood pressure, urine, baby's heartbeat etc the midwife felt my belly and for the first time it was so painful when she done it! She had to really push into my belly to get a good feel of his position, and then was asking me to breathe in etc. Afterwards we had quite a long good chat, I must of been in the room for about half an hour, and about 5 times she said to me "I will see you in 2 weeks unless you have him before" she also asked me to be prepared and to pack my hospital bag. Just because of how quick my labour and delivery was with Isla, plus current situation she advised it would be best to be ready in case. So I packed the baby bag I just need to finish mine off over the next few days and we are then all good to go! 

So since last Friday I have been having lots of period cramps or twinges I guess you could call them, my mum looks so confused when I say I have period pain but it just feels the same and I read its normal and basically is just the body warming up for labour etc and the midwife said is how early labour starts off. Saturday and Sunday TMI ALERT: I have been loosing bits of my plug which is exciting, and could be the start of something going on down below. Little man has also been really bashing away at my cervix which is so painful and unpleasant, his movements have been crazy too, one night I was almost in tears begging him to stop because it hurt so bad and he wouldn't stop constantly moving for like 10 minutes. 

Ive been having some vivid dreams, one where I was in labour and then another where I gave birth and it was on a Friday? Could this mean something hehe. I have had a few people guessing dates they think the baby will come, I find it super exciting, when you get to this point in your pregnancy you enjoy having the hope of dates people have predicted. My Mum has said Monday 13th, this is mainly because she is going into hospital to have a minor op so said it will be typical that he will come the same day, Ive had another guess of Wednesday 15th, this could be possible and cool as Isla was born on a Wednesday as well, and the last date is Sunday 19th with 2 people predicting this date as Isla and also her cousin were both born on the 19th so that would be a cool date as well. Obviously I know he will come when he is ready and knowing my luck lately Ill probably be over due! 

Ive been SUPER tired this week, to the point I actually fell asleep yesterday when Isla was napping! I wasn't planning on it, I was laying on the bed watching ITV Player on the iPad and I fell asleep mid programme haha! Ive also been back to waking up 3-4 times a night for a wee, and when I go its like the tiniest bit which is super annoying. I think that's all I can think of for this week, silly me didn't write down any notes as things have just been crazy. We have started to prepare for little man at my parents house as we are still here at the moment so obviously need to try and make room and move stuff around etc. It won't be ideal but I need to prepare for him and couldn't put it off any longer so if he comes we will be ready, if we move before he comes then that will be great too! 

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