38 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

I'll start with my midwife appointment: all went well, urine, blood pressure, baby's heartbeat was all perfect. He is still head down and in a low position. The only thing that came up was that my bump had not grown in 2 weeks, she wasn't too concerned as it could just be where he has dropped but if the next time I come back it's the same or still small she will send me for a scan. We talked more about the birth and she said in 2 weeks time (the day before my due date) we will talk about sweeps and induction! Really hoping that I won't be going to that appointment and instead will have a baby by then. 

This week has been pretty good, other then starting to feel a little bit fed up (totally understandable right?) and the heat annoying me a bit, I've otherwise been in pretty good spirit. I've really enjoyed spending time with Isla as I know how close I am now to having a new born, so everything me and Isla do I am treasuring and making the most of it. Over the weekend I was having a few period pains, loosing more plug, I also had a huge 2 hour nap on Sunday so I must of needed it, when I woke up I had a few pains and mild contractions. We had been on a walk so maybe that helped my cervix to start dilating, I think it did as on the Monday morning I lost a huge bit of my plug. 

My boobs have been leaking a lot more and I'm actually able to pump and get a mild flow! I've only done it a couple of times as the midwife said nipple stimulation is great for bringing on labour. I've been going for a few walks and generally keeping pretty active, I've noticed a lot more pain this week, as in period cramps and also feeling really heavy and dull in my lower belly. Night time has been awful, I have been getting up around 5 times for a wee, most of the time I'll go and by the time I've walked back to the bedroom I need to go again, but when I go it's only a tiny amount! How frustrating, and it's the evenings I find when I start to feel a bit fed up and wanting the baby to come. But generally I'm still feeling pretty happy and upbeat! 

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