Little Man's First Outfit

So I thought I would share what we have picked for our little man to wear for his first clothes, I decided this time I would go for something gender neutral, I love seeing new born babies in white, there is something about it that just seems right, its so fresh and new looking. Isla's first sleep suit was pink and she looked cute and I loved the sleep suit, but this time I found the perfect sleep suit and it just so happened to be gender neutral which is great, as until he is born and I check between his legs nothing is 100% haha. 

This is his first outfit we have picked out..
Nappy - Size 1 Newborn by Asda Little Angels 
Vest - Newborn Primark - White with baby blue stars 
Sleep suit - Up to 1 month Next - Built in mittens
Hat - 0-3 Months Next 

A close up of the sleep suit, the stars are also all over the back of it. As soon as I saw it I knew it was the first sleep suit we would put him in. We decided on up to 1 month size as Isla's first sleep suit was the same size and also from Next and it fit her without looking huge and she was 6lb 13oz. I have packed 2 other sleep suits in the hospital bag, one that Isla used in up to 1 month from Next but it seems smaller than this one, maybe it shrunk? And the other one is a Newborn Primark sleep suit which is nautical, so we will have a smaller one to put him in if these are too big. 

What did/are you putting your baby in for their first outfit?
Tara x


  1. Totally agree about babies in white - it's an awful idea really as it gets so dirty but they just look too cute! We have the same sleepsuit I couldn't resist it, think ours is first size though xx

    1. Yeah baby sick is a nightmare haha, I just think when they are new like 1-7 days old, white is just lovely and fresh :) Its a lovely keepsake especially having the year of birth on it too :) xx


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