Maternity Photos At 38 Weeks

Our family at any day now can be joined by our new little bundle, although I cant wait to have this baby and get my body back to myself, part of me also feels a little bit sad to not be pregnant anymore. I love that my Son is currently dependable on me, he can hear my heart beating from the inside, he is attached to me and nobody can take him away, I guess it kind of sounds a little selfish but once he's born he's not 100% mine anymore. This could also be my last pregnancy, so as much as I am starting to get fed up I also really want to savour these last few days/weeks of being pregnant. Feeling movements from the inside, his little hiccups in the evening, the way he moves when I am taking a bath etc its still so surreal to me, I cant believe that today, tomorrow and so on could be my last day of being pregnant, my last day of being a Mummy of 1, and also our last day of being a small family of 3! Now that the weather is getting warmer I want to try and get some last maternity photos of me and bump, I don't have any nice ones with Isla so this time I want to make sure I get some. I already have some that my friend took for me a few weeks back, but out on one of our "bring on labour" walks the other evening I stopped and asked Perry to take a few pictures for me. I might not be looking great, but I am showing the truth, what a pregnant full term Mum of a toddler looks like come 8pm, these are special photos for me, for me to look back on in years to come so I can remember what it was like to be doing such a amazing job, creating life. 


  1. Lovely photos. Amazing to think it could happen any day now! Love the one caught with he sunset it's beautiful xx

  2. These are so beautiful Tara, I can't believe he'll be here so soon! Cx


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