Me & Mine: March 2015

March has seemed to last forever, I don't know why it just seems like we have been in this month for ages, so could this be the last month of us being a family of 3? Me & Mine April could be our first monthly photo as a family of 4, I cant wait to see what happens and if we will have our little boy joining us. This past month I have seemed to stay at home a lot as I am generally a lot more tired, also we have had a few rounds of illnesses, currently Perry is suffering so thats not fun. We did have Mothers Day so that was lovely, and also a lot of preparing and building new furniture for Bump. 

Mummy's March Highlights

- Going to the farm on Mother's Day and watching Isla feed the animals, even the bag... Ooops.
- Going to Ikea for the first time in YEARS and getting new furniture so she can organise phew.
- Getting the last few bits on Bumps list ticked off, also getting breastfeeding supplies.
- Finally upgrading and going back to a Apple iPhone 6 woo hoo never again will I leave the Apple family. 

Daddy's March Highlights

- Mummy buying him a new game for the PS4, he hasn't stopped playing it since.
- Taking Isla out on her toy motorbike.
- Getting the bikes ready for summer bike rides woo.
- Taking his girls out to their favourite restaurant, Pizza Hut. 

Isla's March Highlights

- Her first ice-cream factory experience at Pizza Hut was epic. 
- Going to soft play with her best friend, it had been a while (naughty Mummy).
- Going on the tractor ride at the farm, she giggled with her cousin the whole time. 
- Picking her own shoes in the shop, she was so excited to get them and loves wearing them now.

dear beautiful

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  1. Love this photo of you all. Last one of the three of you!!! Xx


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