Mummy & Me | April 2015

This month Isla and I have been enjoying the last moments before the baby gets here, which has meant lots of special moments, we have been painting, making cakes, going on walks, swimming, the beach, crabbing, soft play, and of course Isla has been a little spoilt by Mummy! The weather has been lovely and we have been making the most of it when we can, I do feel a little sad as I haven't actually been in many of the photos, but it has definitely given me a reminder that I need to make more of a effort to stop and get a photo of us both. 

Today I took a few pictures as these really could be our last ones together as Baby Boy is due tomorrow.. I guess I also haven't wanted to be in photos as I just feel so big and don't look great, but never mind, these are the photos I got today, I couldn't choose just one! 

I feel like the book says it all really, haha! 

She wanted to press the remote button and be like Mummy.

So I can now officially say that Mummy & Me May, I will have 2 beautiful children to have photos with! How exciting, I cant wait! 

Tara xx

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  1. Aww I love these, such a special memory to have of the last time as a mummy of one! Can't believe your baby boy will be here soon! Xx

  2. lovely photographs, I love the idea of the book you are reading. Looking forward to Mays Mummy and Me picture, how exciting #MummyandMe

  3. These are lovely! Wish I took more pics when I had a bump :) x

  4. Eeekkk, so excited to see your May pictures! You look gorgeous and will love these pictures in a year or so when baby boy is bigger. Thanks for linking up xx


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