My Third Trimester Must Haves

So now that I am getting super close to having baby #2 I thought I would share what I have been loving, especially in these last few weeks of pregnancy. With only 4 weeks today to go until my due date these are currently what I am loving using and what have been helping the weeks go by. 

1) My V pillow - I was going to buy a proper maternity pillow but left it a bit to late so instead I decided to buy a standard V pillow from Dunelm, I thought it is perfect because it gives me the support I need for my back when sitting up in bed or on the sofa, I also snuggle into it when I go to sleep as well, or if I need more support for my bump and legs I put my bump on one side and the other side of it goes in-between my legs. I also thought it would be great for after I give birth, I can use it for when I am trying to breastfeed and also to lay the baby on for a support pillow - he can also use it when he is learning to sit up so it can go behind him incase he was to fall back. 

2) Lansinoh Nipple Cream - Last week I started using this cream as I read its a good idea to get it soaked in to help for when you breast feed, when I tried with Isla one of the biggest problems I had was my nipples being so sore and even bleeding! This time I want to give breastfeeding a good try so researched the best nipple cream mums recommended and Lansinoh came up every time. I ordered mine off Amazon as this was the cheapest place I could find it. Hopefully I can report back that it has helped once little man gets here.

3) Vital Touch Natalia Prenatal Leg Refresher - My legs have been so restless and ache so much, especially the past few weeks, this was sent to me to try out and I have been loving it so much! It has a instant cooling effect on your legs which is perfect to stop them from aching, its also nice because I get my other half to do it for me so my feet and legs get a nice rub which helps after a busy day of running round after a toddler. You can buy it here

4) Vital Touch Natalia Mums Miracle Balm - This stuff really is a miracle, I use it on my dry lips, dry patches on my face and also my stretch marks! It really does help and I love the texture of it as I can be quite fussy when it comes to putting oils and greasy products on my legs where my stretch marks are, but this soaks in lovely and can be used for loads of things. You can buy it here

5) Extra Long Shoe Horn - As it is still quite cold I am wearing my uggs and trainers still, I was hoping it would be warmer so I could wear slip on shoes but some days its too cold for them. I suffer with SPD so bending etc can be really painful, and for any women in their third trimester putting shoes and socks on can be a challenge anyway. I picked up this one from Ikea and its great as I hardly have to bend to put my shoes on when I go out. 

6) Baby Centre App - I have been using this app since I found out I was pregnant, it gives you a new update every day for example it may say rest up today or take a belly photo today. It also gives you a weekly update of the baby and what is going on inside with diagrams, also a daily countdown to your due date which I have found super fun to countdown the days (Only 28 days today) I also have been loving the Ovia Pregnancy App so that is another good one to download. 

7) iPad - These past few days I have no shame in admitting that I have been falling asleep pretty early, being pregnant alone is tiring, but add a toddler and preparing for baby in the mix and it really does take it out of you. So when Isla is napping or when I am doing my ironing I use the iPad to catch up with reading everyones blogs, watching videos and also catching up on ITV Player as well. 

8) Batiste Dry Shampoo - This has been a must have for me since becoming a mum, but I find myself turning to it even more now that I am pregnant. Its great for the days I have to go out but was too tired to wash my hair the night before. I use to wash my hair twice a week but lately it has been only once! 

9) H&M Maternity Jeans - These jeans have been my favourites the whole time, they are so soft and stretchy and I love the way they fit me. They are also a great price too at £24.99, I have 2 pairs to alternate between. 

10) Soft And Comfy Bras - I got 2 of these from George at Asda, they are perfect for when at home as your boobs are always growing and changing shape throughout pregnancy and these bras give you enough support to wear in the day time at home, but also the freedom they need to grow. I wear mine of a night time with breast pads once my boobs started to leak, as its not nice waking up to wet patches on your pyjama top or like I done, opening the door to the postman in the morning without realising I had a wet patch on my top! I have these ones here 

What did you find helpful throughout your pregnancy and in the third trimester? Ive still got a few weeks to go so if you can recommend anything let me know! 

Tara x


  1. Ahh all of these bring back memories of the 3rd trimester. Yes to Lanisoh and Leg Spritzer definately! I also used Burts Bees Mama Cream for my itchy skin. Great list. Good luck! #mummymonday
    Sabrina xx

  2. I am quite literally inseparable from my V pillow at night - I've had such better sleeps this pregnancy with it than last time when I didn't think it necessary (fool!). I loved Lansinoh nipple cream too and hadn't thought about starting to use it before baby arrives this time but am so going to do that now - thanks for the tip! And I'm hardly ever out of my H&M maternity jeans. The over the bump band is so comfy. Great list of essentials! #MummyMonday

  3. Not long to go, exciting! I couldn't live without gaviscon as I suffered with awful heartburn. I wish I'd invested in a maternity pillow as it was often difficult to get comfy x #mummymonday

  4. You're lucky to find me laying anywhere with my pregnancy pillow at the moment, and I've still got 7 weeks to go so they are definitely an essential! I love the Natalia products, I have some to try after the baby gets here and can't wait - I'm desperate to try them! Love the leg refresher though, great idea (especially if I get a foot and leg rub). Lansinoh is a complete god send. I had cracked nipples when BF'ing my little one first time round and this healed them completely within a week. I love the Pregnancy+ here, paid extra and it's fab! xx #mummymonday

  5. Such a good list of essentials!My Third trimester essentials literally consisted of dresses, flipflops, ice lollies and like you dry shampoo! The shoe horn is a clever idea and must give you a bit of ease! I had a breastfeeding cushion that I loved and still have, it was great for helping Amelia sit up and for feeding even though in the end I didn't breast feed. Yours looks just like it would do the job too! Thanks for linking up lovely, not long to go now! #MummyMonday xx

  6. What a brilliant list - I agree with all of them :) I love H&M's maternity stuff too - it's so affordable :) Mim #mummymonday


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