Vital Touch Natalia - Pregnancy Range Review

Being in my third trimester I have been really enjoying making the most of my evenings once my extremely energetic toddler goes to bed, it has meant I have resulted to practically having a bath every night and making time to enjoy these last moments of being able to have a good ole pamper. Thankfully the lovely people from Vital Touch sent me some goodies to use and try out, they most definitely have come in handy, 2 products in particular are my favourites and I have been using them practically everyday! They also sent a booklet with massage techniques in, I gave this to my partner to read as he has been the one giving me massages with the oils, also when I go into labour he can use some of the massage techniques then. Taken from their website but also something that I love about these products is "Our products are 100% naturally derived and use 97-100% organic ingredients, grown without the use of pesticides- we do our utmost to ethically source the ingredients we use, from the UK and internationally. Our packaging is made from responsibly sourced or recycled materials and is also 100% recyclable." I have been trying them out for a good few weeks now so I feel I can finally give a honest review on them, the products I was sent are as follows:

1- Prenatal Leg Refresher 60ml £10.00

This has become one of my absolute must haves! Running round after a toddler isn't easy, especially at 39 weeks pregnant. I have been suffering with awful restless leg syndrome in the evenings right as I'm ready to go to sleep. This stuff is a life saver, it has an instant cooling effect on your legs and feet which feels amazing, it has helped my legs so much with them feeling restless. I've also enjoyed getting my partner to rub it in my feet and legs after a long day, it gives me a good excuse to go and put my feet up for 20 minutes and relax, just what any pregnant women needs. I still have quite a bit left in the bottle, a little goes a long way so I will be continuing to use it

2 - Prenatal Bath Soak 100ml £8.75

Taking a bath has been one of my favourite things to do, its my time to relax and also my aching body just loves being in the warm water and the baby seems to enjoy it too as he wiggles around so much in my belly, I find it such a good time to bond with him. It has lavender in it, which smells lovely - I'm not normally keen on lavender scents but it wasn't too over powering, also the lavender ensured I got a good nights sleep as well so that was a bonus, it doesn't create a load of bubbles, just a few. I would get out the bath feeling completely relaxed and ready for the rest of my pamper with the massage oils. The bottle is now empty! So definitely gets a thumbs up from me. 

After pouring in the last bit of my bottle!

3 - Prenatal Anti-Stretch Oil 100ml £18.50

This was one product I was most excited to try, I have stretch marks on the tops of my legs, inner thighs, bum, a couple on my lower areas of my legs and also one on each breast from Islas pregnancy. I don't have any on my stomach area, I think this pregnancy has given me a very small one its like a dot, so I was keen to find something that would help the ones I have got and to help prevent new ones. One thing I hate is feeling greasy and oily, but after a few minutes this oil really does sink into your skin and you are then happy to put your clothes or pyjamas on without it feeling horrible. It says to use it twice a day but I have only been using it in the evenings after my bath. Using this product was also a good way for my partner to connect with me and bond with the baby, he could use the massage techniques to apply this on me and he liked doing it as he knew I was enjoying it and it was helping me to relax.

4 - Mums Miracle Balm 30ml £9.50

This is my second favourite product that I was sent, I have been using it multiple times a day, and for different things. I struggle with having a very sensitive face, so when it is dry (even more when I'm pregnant) I really struggle with finding a product that doesn't make my face red and blotchy. I have been using this on my cheek bones, my nose and the area in the middle of my eye brows, it goes on really smoothly, it appears quite a hard substance but as soon as you rub your finger on it, it melts like butter. I have also been using it on my stretch marks directly, and also other scars that I have, I also love using it on my lips before I apply any lip stick or lip gloss on top. I can see this little tub lasting me ages so it is definitely worth the money. You can even use it on the ends of your hair, I haven't tried it yet but I will once I have my hair cut so I can keep the ends healthy and hydrated. 

5 - Prenatal Instant Revitaliser 10ml £7.50

This smells so refreshing, it is organic orange and geranium and it smells really good. You simply unscrew the lid and using the roller ball you simply roll it on the inside of your wrists and behind your ears. Its such a handy size I have been taking it out with me in my changing bag and while I'm out and feeling a bit tired I just use this, even if it doesn't work the smell definitely wakes me up a bit. Im not entirely sure if it does help, it could be all in my head but I do seem to get a little boost from it, even still there is no harm in using it. Once the baby is born I can still use it then, and think I will appreciate it more as well! A little goes a long way, I've used it a good few times and still have loads left. 

Overall I am really happy with the products, my favourites have to be the leg refresher and the mums miracle balm. I love using natural products, I don't have to worry about any nasty chemicals and can feel at ease about using them especially while pregnant. The oil has provided a great bonding time for me, my partner and our unborn son, I have been loving all the massages using the stretch oil and also the effect the leg refresher had on my restless legs has been a life saver. I am definitely going to look at the new baby products they have as I really want to do baby massage, and I love how these products feel, something I have always found with other oils is them leaving me feeling greasy and yucky, but these absorb into the body really well. 

*I was sent these products to review. I was not paid for this and all opinions are my own

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