39 Weeks Pregnant With Baby #2

Week 39 has been a bit up and down, it started off with me having back contractions and we thought it may of turned into proper labour, but it ended up fizzling out to nothing although the next morning I did loose a huge bit of mucous plug and it had blood in it. Over the weekend I was feeling really crampy and not myself, we really felt like he was going to come, but then on Monday I had no signs of him coming anytime soon and its been the same all week. Monday I went for a long walk - over 4 miles to be exact but all it done was give me sore feet and my SPD was killing me afterwards. The rest of the week has been OK, I have been in a good mood and keeping positive - he has got to come out at some point and it will be soon. 

I have been so thirsty this week, I always want a drink and I have been craving Sprite - its so refreshing and I have also been craving Tesco chocolate caramel shortbread slices! Just typing it is making my mouth water, and I might just have to run downstairs and grab a slice now. My back has been really hurting this week, its at the top around where your bra strap goes, I hate having back ache, id much rather have belly pains instead. Weeing has been a nightmare this week, although I only really struggle in the evenings, I'm not sure if I just notice it more because I'm back and fourth out of bed, but it really makes me fed up. I wake up in the night around 4-5 times and when I go its the tiniest amount! The evenings I find so hard, that's when I get really fed up and sad, especially now that its my due date today! 

I had my midwife appointment yesterday at 39+6 and everything went well, my urine, blood pressure, babies heart beat was all perfect, I am now happy to report that my bump is measuring 39 which is good. She said that he is lower than he was 2 weeks ago so that's another good thing as well. I see her again next Thursday and she will be coming to the house for that appointment, she said she will do a sweep - but I am still undecided on if I want one or not. She said a induction will be booked for around day 12 of being over due, but obviously we are hoping it won't come to that. Hopefully this will be my last pregnancy update? 

I have otherwise been in a good mood and still seem pretty happy to still be pregnant, so that's good. I just want him to come safely and healthily that's all that matters, for now we are just enjoying the last few moments as a family of 3 and spending quality time with Isla. We are so excited to meet him, I am so ready for labour I just want to get it over and done with and then enjoy newborn snuggles, we are still hoping for a water birth so I hope they have a room free when the time comes. He could even be born the same day as the new royal baby as well so that's exciting! If he was I would so take back all the moaning that I have been doing ha ha. For now I'm enjoying everyone being nice to me and being able to get away with just going and laying down when I want to - only when everyone is home though. 


Today at 40 weeks, seems like he may be even lower now.

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