50 Things That Make Me Happy...

I was tagged to do this, and for the life of me cant remember who tagged me.. so if it was you let me know and Ill mention you :) 

So this is in no particular order and was surprisingly harder than it sounds to think of 50 things so here goes...

1) My 2 children - they are my world and I couldn't be without them.
2) Perry my fiance - we have been together 5 years in August.
3) Being with my family - its not often we all get together.
4) Seeing my friends - I love spending time with my best friends.
5) Going on holiday - the holiday spirit is the best feeling ever. 
6) Opening a can of Relentless - nothing quite beats that noise and the first sip.
7) Going out on my boat / jet bike - the only time I can 'switch off'.
8) My coffee machine - nothing like watching that first coffee of the day fill up your mug.
9) Fresh sheets - nothing makes me happier than fresh sheets.
10) BBQ's - I love a good ole BBQ in the summer. 
11) Rose - I'm not a big drinker but when I do I like a ice cold glass of rose.
12) Shopping - shopping is my happy time, especially the kids clothing sections.
13) Capturing memories - it makes me happy when we capture photos & videos of us all.
14) My blog - I love my blog, it makes me so happy to sit and re-read old posts.
15) Going out for dinner - lets face it any time you don't need to cook or wash up makes you happy.
16) Cleaning - yep believe it or not it makes me happy, well once its all tidy that is.
17) Walks - I love going for walks and exploring new places.
18) New pyjamas - nothing beats getting into new PJ's, I have an obsession with pyjamas.
19) Christmas - its just a happy time of year isn't it. 
20) Family photos - makes me happy when we get a family photos just the 4 of us.
21) When the food shop gets delivered - yes I sit watching out the window like a dog waiting for its owner to come home!
22) Hanging the washing on the line - makes me happy, I don't know why.
23) Listening to music - puts me in a feel good mood.
24) Editing photos - the feeling when you have edited a photo and it looks great is so rewarding. 
25) Going on my Mac - it's the most valuable bit of equipment I own.
26) Being at the beach - this is my happy place. 
27) Hot weather - I love it when its hot, puts you in such a good mood. Especially a tan! 
28) The noise of hoovering crumbs up - is that weird?
29) The bottom of the ironing pile - rarely get to see that but when I do, core its the best!
30) When I look 'good' - you know them days when your hair and make up goes right and your happy with your outfit, although it doesn't happen often.
31) Date night - we really need to start these again but they did make me happy. 
32) Arcades - winning tickets, teddies etc out of a machine is great fun. 
33) Getting the last item on the shelf - especially when its something you wanted or a bargain! 
34) Playing in the garden - hearing Isla laughing makes me so happy. 
35) Picking the kids outfits out - I just love children's clothes I'm obsessed you could say.
36) Toy shopping - going to Toys R Us etc makes me more excited than Isla is, I secretly buy toys more for me than her haha.
37) When a parcel gets delivered - that happy feeling of receiving something you ordered and opening it.
38) Bubbly bath - a nice hot bubbly bath with candles after a long day is amazing! 
39) Cuddles in bed - although lately as soon as I lay down I fall asleep so we don't quite make the cuddle stage. 
40) Watching fireworks - this probably makes everyone happy right?
41) When your food comes out in a restaurant - always happy when mine comes first I'm so impatient. 
42) Watching the sunset - so relaxing and peaceful.
43) Hearing the rain hit the window while you're in bed - this makes me happy and the only time I like it to rain.
44) Watching my children sleep - they look so innocent and sweet, it makes me so proud and happy.
45) Finding something that you lost - if I loose something I cant relax until I find it.
46) At the checkout - when your shopping comes to less than you was thinking.
47) A clean tidy kitchen - the kitchen really is the heart of a home. 
48) When a stain comes out - I cant stand stains in clothes etc.
49) Finding a good film / series on Netflix - if you have Netflix you will understand. 
50) Flowers - when Perry brings me home flowers it makes me happy.

So they are my 50 things that make me happy, I hope you enjoyed this post. What things make you happy? If you did this tag let me know, I'd love to read yours.



  1. Love this! I love the sound of crumbs going up the hoover too lol! Maybe we are odd... But as Bec said, I love that you have said some that most haven't said xx

  2. Love this, was nodding away while reading haha. Who doesn't love that noise when hoovering -- soo satisfying haha xx

    1. Its the best noise in the world I'm telling you haha xx


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