Archie's 1 Week Update

Archie turned 1 week old yesterday, it's been a long tiring week, but so worth it. When the midwife came to see us on day 5 he weighed 7lb 11oz, so he has lost weight but this is completely normal. He was breast fed for 3 days, but because of my hormones and feelings we decided to put him on expressed milk in bottles, and now we are slowly weaning him gradually onto formula, for his benefit and also mine. With Isla I just stopped pumping and the pain was horrendous, so this time the midwife advised dropping a pumping session a day. He is on 6-7 4oz bottles a day around every 3-4 hours, he wakes twice in the night around midnight and again around 3-4am then sleeps until 7:30am so that's pretty good. When I was breast feeding I wasn't going to sleep until 5am and then up at 8am and I was exhausted, just by him having it in a bottle it means he has 4oz of breast milk and a nappy change, then back in his Moses basket to sleep in a hour! 

Day 6 Archie lost his cord, so that means now we can give him a bath! His skin has been so dry and we had to put baby oil on him to help. I think we will bath him tomorrow which I'm looking forward to, I hope he likes the water. He is generally a really content baby, he hates nappy changes and getting dressed, I've also been peed on many many times already haha. He now has a dummy, we only use it to hold him off if we are still getting his feed ready and he starts crying, also to help get him off to sleep if he needs it. 

His hair has already started getting lighter, it's a real light brown in colour in the light, Isla was born with black hair so I reckon he will go light as well. His eyes are blue and are also getting lighter, he has blood shot eyes from the pressure of being born a little too quickly, the midwife said this should go in a few weeks. 

He has been out 4 times this week, once to the hospital for his hearing test which he passed, then on to Asda - we used one of them trolleys where you can put the car seat on and he slept the whole time. The second time we took him out it was raining really heavily, we got him registered and then went to Debenhams to change both of the kids and while we fed him we had a hot chocolate! Thursday we went for a walk, got chips and took Isla to the park, he slept the whole time in his carrycot and looked so cute. Yesterday we went to town and once again he was such a good boy. It takes us about 10 minutes to get out the car now, and set up the pushchair etc. We are gradually getting better and quicker at it though haha. 

I think that's it for his first week of life, I've been a bit all over the place with adjusting to life now I'm a mum of 2. But I am slowly getting the hang of it now and starting to get use to it more. 


  1. Ooh what gorgeous pictures, making me even more excited to meet my little Man! I'm glad all is going well, that sleep pattern is amazing already! Xx

  2. He is gorgeous , wow one week already i hope you are enjoying every minute xx


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