Me & Mine: April 2015

April has been a funny month, we have done so much but it feels like it has been over in a flash, if im honest I thought we was going to be a family of four this month. But my due date was yesterday and I am still pregnant and of course we are now in May so April is officially our last month as a family of three. But at least I can say that Me & Mine May we WILL be a family of four and I will be holding a little tiny new born in our photos! This month we have been getting everything ready for little man, packing the hospital bags, enjoying quality time with Isla, me and Perry went on our first time in ages date (and last date for ages no doubt), and we have also been enjoying the lovely few days of good weather as well.

Mummy's April Highlights

- Lots of quality time with Isla, making memories before the babies arrival.
- The weather getting warmer.. finally. 
- Wearing a maxi dress with bump, I was worried I wouldn't get to but I have now yay.
- Going on a date with Perry, we went to Nando's and then the cinema to see Fast & Furious 7, we haven't done anything like this in years! 

Daddy's April Highlights

- Teaching Isla to say the babies name.
- Going swimming and watching Isla swim using her arms at last! 
- Going back to the gym, while he can before the baby comes at least.
- Loving the 'When I see you again' Paul Walker tribute song.

Isla's April Highlights

- Making Disney Princess cakes with Mummy. 
- Her first time crabbing with Mummy and her friend Hannah.
- Going to the beach in the good weather and making sand castles, throwing stones in the sea, eating chips and ice cream.
- Getting excited seeing all of the babies bits, and helping Mummy to prepare everything.

dear beautiful

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