Me & Mine: May 2015

May has been a life changing month for us as we welcomed baby #2 into the world on the 2nd May, and I have to say that May has definitely been the best month for us and nothing will ever top it. So as you can see the month started off amazingly with the birth of Archie, then Perry had 2 weeks off work with us so that has been lovely, we had some lovely weather in that time so we made the most of it by trips to the seaside, picnics and building sand castles at the beach. We also got the news that our new home is ready to be moved into in June, so we are all really super excited about that. 

Mummy's May Highlights 

- Archie arriving safely and healthily into the world, also on the same day as the new Royal Princess Charlotte. 
- Watching Isla bond with Archie and love him so much has been the best thing ever. 
- Our rabbit Ruby having 6 babies a week after Archie was born was a huge surprise!
- Buying bits for our new home. 

Daddy's May Highlights 

- Being at the birth and supporting Mummy while she brought Archie into the world. 
- Being able to say "that's my boy" he's waited ages to say that. 
- Spending 2 weeks together and enjoying being a new family of 4.
- Getting back to the gym even if he is so tired all the time. 

Isla's May Highlights 

- Becoming a Big Sister, she is so in love with Archie.
- Going bowling for the first time and getting a strike!
- Winning 1000 tickets on a machine at Clacton Pier, her face was priceless when they all was coming out. 
- Seeing lots of family and friends this month, and being spoilt with big sister presents. 

Archie's May Highlights 

- Having his first bath, he loved it.
- Getting back over his birth weight, he's a hungry chunky boy. 
- Being cuddled lots by everyone.
- Archie's application for his lucky one penny has been approved and he will receive it shortly!

dear beautiful


  1. glad you're all doing well, lovely photos x

  2. These are lovely photos. Congratulations.

  3. Oh what beautiful first photos of you as a four! Many many congratulations - and so exciting that Archie gets to have a lucky penny too - what a treat!

    1. Thank you so much :) I know I cant wait for it to arrive

  4. Awww gorgeous, congratulations Archie is beautiful. Yay that he loved the bath, great first pictures as a four #meandmine

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  6. We also got the news that our new home is ready to be moved into in June, so we are all really super excited about that.


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