Quality Time With Isla

I have been planning special days and activities with Isla so we can get a bit of special bonding time before Baby #2 gets here, it can be easy to sometimes get into a routine and just do cleaning, washing, cooking etc and then you realise that you are not actually making any special time with your little ones. I know I'm a little guilty of this, but with the new baby coming any day now I thought I should really make the effort of getting some quality time in with Isla. I thought id share a few of the things we have been getting up to the past few weeks, I want to record these memories to remember some of the times we had before we are joined by Isla's Baby Brother. I wanted to make a note of some of the things we got up to so I can always remember them.

1) Isla's first time crabbing - Me and my friend took her down to the harbour and went crabbing! I remember coming here when I was young and doing the same, so it was really nice to take Isla.

2) Lots of eating out - this was her with her Ice cream factory treat for eating all her dinner at Pizza Hut.

3) Making cakes together - she was so excited about this, I got one of them Disney Princess cake kits and she loved it, she done such a good job at decorating them all!

4) Lots of walks - this time I let her bring her baby pram out with her and she thought it was the best thing ever. 

5) Being spoilt - Mummy splurged and spoilt her best little girl, she loves playing with water and I know this will keep her so amused over the summer, it will also be something for her to do in the garden when we are at home, she can have a bit of independent play while I'm busy.

6) Lots of painting fun - we was both really pleased with how this one turned out.. yay for no Pinterest fail! 

These are just a few of the things we have been getting up to, I have enjoyed these special moments so much, I cant believe soon our lives will change once again when the baby arrives, I'm nervous, excited, happy and worried all at the same time. I really want Isla to adjust to being a big sister well, I hope we can make it as easy and happy as we can for her. I will also continue some of these activities when the baby is sleeping so we can still share some special times, I must remember to do it and not just get into the rut of just doing housework, I need to make time for Isla and Mummy.


  1. Awh how lovely, I'm sure she will love being a big sister and picking on her little brother hehe. x

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