Siblings | May

On the 2nd May we welcomed our second baby into the world, little Archie. So this is the first month I am joining in with the siblings linky and I've been so looking forward to doing it ever since we found out we was expecting again. For me I was so excited to see what Archie would look like, would he look like Isla? When I held him in my arms I could see that he definitely looked like his Big Sister Isla, although now that the puffiness has gone down from his face he has his own look, but you can tell they are related. In some pictures of Isla you can really see Archie, and if he was dressed in pink you would say it was Isla. I love that they both look similar yet different in their own ways, I cant wait to watch him grow and see what he looks like, will he also go blond like Isla? Will he take after his dad and be a really chubby cute baby... I cant wait to see!

Archie is 2 weeks old now and in that time Isla has created such a bond with her baby brother. The first time she see him she was so excited shouting 'Baby!' And immediately wanting to hold him and look after him. She has done so well with accepting Archie, she adores him and loves him so much already, it's probably the most amazing thing to watch as parents, watching your first born love and care for another sibling, and watching their bond grow is truly the best thing ever. Although Archie is too young to pay attention to Isla he definitely knows when she is around, if he hears her laughing or crying he will look around for her, and he genuinely seems pretty happy and excited when she is making a fuss of him. 

Isla always wants to hold Archie, it's so sweet she sits on the bed or sofa and grabs a pillow shouting 'c'mon' patting the pillow for me to lay the baby on it. She puts his little soft toys in his Moses basket when he is in it, she gives him his dummy back if he spits it out and is crying, she covers him up with a blanket, she loves stroking his hair and helping me with looking after him. I couldn't be more proud of her, and I'm so looking forward to watching them both grow together, as best friends. 

dear beautiful


  1. Congratulations! I too couldn't wait to join in with siblings when our Little Lady arrived. I loved that my two looked alike. I didn't believe we were having a girl so took in a cream baby grow, but then she looked to much like her brother so was quickly dressed in pink. I'm glad Isla has been so accepting, great photos x

  2. Aww just beautiful. Welcome to Siblings. These are lovely, congratulations to you all #siblings

  3. Aw congratulations! I bet you must feel like the proudest Mummy in the world looking at these. xx

  4. Oh my goodness this is too sweet, Isla is going to be the best big sister ever! I really hope Indiana takes to it as well as she has xx


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