Sudocrem Care & Protect Review

Having a almost 2 1/2 year old daughter and a new born baby boy I think its fair to say I have tried a fair share of nappy rash creams in my time of being a Mum, and I can say I have only ever really been impressed with 2 products, one of them being Sudocrem. This has been around for years, my mum used it on me and my brother, so when my daughter was born we bought the biggest tub of it, and if I'm honest we still haven't finished it! I was sent the new Sudocrem Care & Protect to try out on Archie my new born, and we first used it when he was 4 days old, I had a Pampers sample nappy and used it on him, I don't know why but Pampers nappies just seem to give my children rashes, so this was when I first got to try the cream.

My first impressions was I LOVE how its in a tube, it means its so much easier to use and carry around in your nappy bag instead of the tub, I also like that the lid is a one hand opening, so when your changing a nappy and holding babies legs in the air, you can use one hand to open and apply the cream to baby (it really is amazing what you can do with one hand once becoming a parent). The texture of the cream is really nice, it spreads on well but is quite thick at the same time, I really hope that makes sense ha! At the next nappy change the rash was barely visible, and there was some cream that was still there in his creases, so it was nice that it hadn't dried up and it still provided comfort and a barrier for some time.

We haven't been using it at every nappy change, we mostly use it after bath time, every now and again in his creases where the nappy sits, and of course when he starts getting a rash we will use it straight away again, it does say to use it at every nappy change but Archie being so young still we don't really need to at the moment. I have also used it on my toddler, she is still in nappies so can get a little sore, and recently she has cut her bottom fangs in so the teething has made her sore, again the cream done its job and helped clear it up, by the next day her rash was practically gone and she no longer told me she was sore when I changed her. I am so happy that Sudocrem have made another great product, its one of them things though, it might work for some and not others, it really is hit and miss with these sorts of things.

The cream has a triple action ointment that provides a protective barrier - this helps prevent external rubbing and irritants, we use it in Archie's creases and where the nappy sits. The cream conditions the skin - with Vitamin E and Pro Vitamin B5 it keeps the skin in good healthy condition, and lastly the cream provides a guard against infection - a protective layer guards against any infections, even at the next nappy change you can still see some cream that hasn't dried up, it really does stay in place and give comfort hours later. I would definitely re purchase this once we run out, I am going to get another one to keep in my nappy bag for on the go.

* I was sent this for the purpose of this review, but as always all opinions are my own.

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