Archie's 6 Week Update

You're 11lb 6oz

6 weeks already I cant believe it, it feels like you have been here with us forever. You are doing so much more now, staying awake a lot longer, taking in the world and everything and everyone around you. I am learning so much more about you and your personality, you are already really cheeky and stop smiling as soon as you see the camera! You have been smiling at Mummy and your Big Sister, and talking of her, you are so fascinated by her and stare at her all the time, you love it when she gives you attention and you wiggle your legs around so much and snort a little, its the cutest thing ever, when Mummy snorted back at you, you looked a little worried and gave me a awkward smile, I know, I'm embarrassing you already aren't I. 

You are a hungry boy and you drink 7oz every 5 hours, sometimes its not enough and we have to make you more! We had to put you on to comfort milk as you started to really suffer with colic all day and was struggling to go to the toilet. You are fitting into your 0-3 month sleep suits perfectly with not much room and its making Mummy sad as she loves your sleep suits and thought you would be in them until you was 3 months. Clothes wise you are doing fine, you seem to have long legs though and I have no idea where you have got this from? Mummy and Daddy have to buy short length jeans so it definitely didn't come from us. A exciting milestone is that you are now 99% of the time sleeping through the night which is amazing, Mummy and Daddy are very grateful for this.

You love the bath, you enjoy splashing your legs around and I'm so excited to take you swimming, I think you will love it. You love looking at your toys and have started to coo at them at times which is so nice to see and hear. Of course you love when your Big Sister plays with you, although sometimes she can be a little rough. Your not a fan of tummy time and can only last a minute before having a complete melt down and then Mummy has to turn you over. You smiled at Mummy for the first time on Saturday and it was the cutest, Mummy was talking to you in her silly voice and you obviously must find it amusing as you give the biggest cheekiest smiles, well sometimes when I do it and no one or the camera is not around. So I'm pretty sure everyone thinks Mummy is making it up as they haven't seen it yet, Daddy has caught you smiling a few times though so he must believe me. 

Your hair is growing so much on the top, but its in the middle near the back so I really don't know what to do with it as sometimes it can look like a comb over! Its got a little lighter from when you was born but I am now unsure on if you will actually go light like your Sister. Your eyes are a beautiful blue in colour, and seem to get lighter every day, your eyelashes look so long already and your eyebrows are a light colour and you can see them in some light. You have had milk spots on your face for the past 2 weeks now, hopefully they will go soon, and then you scratched your face with your tiny but sharp nails. 

You are generally a very content happy baby and we are all so in love with you.

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  1. Aww he sounds like a dream, clever boy for sleeping so well! Those first smiles are amazing aren't they xx


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