Archie's Nautical Nursery

Now that we have moved I could finally set up Archie's nursery, it is not finished yet, I still want to add a cube unit from Ikea, wall stickers and a light shade. I was limited to what I could do as we rent our home but I think I did well with what I could. This is the view as you open the door to his nursery, as you can see it really is a small room but he doesn't have much at the moment so its not a problem, the picture actually makes it look smaller than it is

His bedding is from the Mothercare 'Adventure Ahead' range and it was perfect, I wanted a nautical theme nursery but also to incorporate other things like cars and planes etc. As his room is small I loved that the bedding was mostly white with small pops of colour all over it, they did have another nautical bedding set but the main colour was navy so I thought it would make the room seem smaller with such a dark colour. 

His mobile is by vTech and it was such a good buy, it fitted the nautical theme great as it is a whale, and it also has a mood light on its stomach, on the mobile is a fish, octopus, starfish and crab. At the top is a projector which shines stars and a moon on the ceiling while spinning around the toys. It makes me want to jump in the cot with him and listen to the calming sea noises. His cot spiral toy is also from the Adventure Ahead range, and I have put it on his cot for now and when he gets a bit bigger I will put it on his car seat. 

Hanging on his wardrobe is a anchor that I picked up from B&M Bargains, it adds a nice touch to the nautical theme. Also in his room is his personalised chair, Isla has one as well and they were gifts from when they were born from my Grandparents. 

This is the most special thing in his bedroom, its a rainbow that I got from Sainsbury's and I have put it on his windowsill and it stands out so much which I love. Archie is our Rainbow baby and I wanted to put something in his room to mark this. Now every time I walk in his room and I see it I am reminded how special he is and about the baby we lost. 

His rug is from Dunelm Mill, and its a great size for his bedroom. When I put it down it really helped bring the nautical theme together and added a bit of colour to his nursery. 

To the right when you open the nursery door is his dresser/ changing unit, on the end we have the Munchkin organiser that holds all his nappy's and has a space at the top for wipes and cream which is handy for when I'm changing him. His changing mat was from Mothercare and is from the Baby K range. Then we have the back corner that has his wardrobe, washing bin and his little chair on display. I'm going to put the cube unit next to his wardrobe when I get it. 

And lastly this is the inside of his wardrobe, it holds all of his winter suits, jumpers, shirts, dungarees and his shoes. At the bottom of the wardrobe is a drawer and in there I keep his blankets and spare bedding sheets. 


  1. Gorgeous, I live white nurserys with colour added through the decor! We were thinking of getting that bedding range too xx

    1. Me too, its so easy to change then isn't it :) Aww its lovely and a great theme as it has a bit of everything on it :) xx

  2. That's lovely! I like the theme you gone with


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