Father's Day 2015

This was Perry's 1st Father's Day having 2 children so it was extra special having them both spoiling their Daddy, this year I didn't really do much in terms of presents as well its not about them really, its about the children spending time with Perry and enjoying the day. We had no plans to go anywhere and just enjoyed a relaxed morning at home, I got Isla out of bed and gave her the canvas that we had done a super cute craft on, she ran into our bedroom and gave Perry her proud art work and gave him a kiss. I then got her to give him his cards and other little bits and bobs that we got him, also the canvas that Archie had done for him, it was his foot prints in blue paint and it was meant to look like a heart but he was wiggling too much for me to do it properly. 

We spent the morning playing with Lego Duplo, its one of our favourite things to do all together, Isla loves it when Perry and I sit with her and build things too, it was raining a little bit so it was nice to just be inside enjoying the special time together. We ended up making a big boat and Isla loved playing it with when we was finished, we then all got dressed and pottered about for a bit. 

We went over to my parents house so Isla could give my dad her art work she done for him too and also so I could see him too, we spent the afternoon playing ball in the garden and having a good time, I felt sad that I didn't take Perry out anywhere or to dinner but it shows you don't have to do anything fancy at all to have a good day. We had a Chinese for dinner and come home shortly afterwards, me and Perry decided to get a early night, well I say early we went to bed and ended up watching programmes but hey at least we was in bed early for once instead of midnight. 

What did you get up to on Father's Day? 


I read all your comments and will reply when I can :)