Life Lately...

Life has been pretty hectic lately, we have moved into our new home, which is amazing I love it so much, it's the perfect house for our little family to grow in. Unpacking has taken a little longer then expected, as you can imagine having a 5 week old and a toddler isn't easy without the stress of moving. Our rabbit Ruby had 6 babies a week after Archie was born, and on Sunday exactly a month later she has given birth to another 7 babies! She must of got pregnant straight away poor girl. So as you can see I have been pretty busy hence the lack of posts, plus we currently have no wifi. But don't worry I've got lots of posts planned and they will be coming up soon. 

Sunday was a eventful day as not only did the rabbit have another 7 babies but Isla had a fall and broke her wrist! I honestly don't know how I've got through the last few days, my mum is on holiday so I haven't had her around to help. I am so tired and can't wait for life to become a bit less stressful and more settled... Will it ever happen? 


  1. Wow I cant believe she had babies so quickly. Supermum you sorting everything out though. Hope Isla's wrist heals quickly.

    1. I know poor thing :(
      Thank You! I hope so too I feel so sorry for her as the weather is lovely and she just wants to swim all the time x


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