Milton Mini Soother Steriliser Review

Have you ever had the sheer panic when your baby has dropped its dummy on the floor, and it was the last one you had while out? I have many times with my daughter Isla when she was younger and yes I hold my hands up now she is over 2 I am a lot more relaxed and wipe it off and give it back to her, but now we have Archie I'm back to that ‘everything must be clean’ stage so thankfully…

I was kindly sent a Milton Mini Portable Steriliser to try out, now that Archie is here I have finally been able to use it. It is something I always thought was a bit unnecessary but since having it I have definitely changed my mind. I have the blue one which came with 10 tablets, and then I bought a box of 50 tablets from Tesco for £1.85.

To set it up it is really easy to do, you simply wash the base and lid, and then rinse the white sponges under water. Once all washed and dried you can set it up for your first use, you fill the base with water to the line (if your out you can use bottled water) then you put a mini tablet in and wait for it to dissolve which only takes a minute or so. Once dissolved you place the rinsed base sponge in and then the top sponge and press down firmly 3 times to ensure the sponges absorb the fluid, any excess you just tip out.

When a dummy falls on the floor or gets dirty you simply wipe it with a wipe if your out and then pop it in the soother holder for 15 minutes and boom you have a sterilised dummy. Now the thing I never knew was that the solution can be used for 24 hours so in that time you can use it to sterilise as many dummy's as you need to. I always thought you had to make a new solution up every time which is what put me off buying it. 

But now I make up a solution before I go out, using the handy strap I attach the steriliser to my nappy bag or pushchair and then while out and about I can sterilise dummy's when I need to, and I always have a clean one in the holder. I take 2 out with me so while one is being sterilised I can offer Archie the other dummy to avoid being screamed at by the little monkey. The steriliser is suitable for dummies up to 6 months old, we use the Mam brand and you have to put it in at a angle but it does sit in nicely once under the opening. Its also nice to always have a dummy to hand and not have to go rummaging down your nappy bag, and if its anything like mine you could easily be looking for hours.

I think this is going to be a lifesaver when we go to Egypt in September, there is no way we could carry enough dummy's for the day of travelling without running out, so at least now we can sterilise them all day and will only need to carry 2. Also at the hotel round by the pool or on trips out of the resort where your baby drops it's dummy, it will be so handy to always have a sterilised dummy in the holder and then swap it when you need to. Overall we love it and I'm looking forward to putting it to good use this year.

*I was sent this product for the purpose of this review, I was not paid to write this. All opinions are honest and my own


  1. can u do a pushchair reveiw tara xx

  2. Such a fab little product, will definitely be using ours again when baby is born xx

    1. Its great isn't it! I think it will be awesome for Egypt xx

  3. Hi, I'm Rosie. I'm taking my children away in a few weeks and my little one is 10 months. I'd like to buy one of these soother sterilisers for her dummies as she's always dropping them but she uses the Tommee Tippee 6-18 month dummies, would they fit? I don't want to pay a lot to find it doesn't fit :) thanks

    1. Hi, on the packaging and website it says for soothers for up to 6 months, they might fit in at a angle? I have to put these ones in at a angle and then once they are under the plastic bit they fit perfectly. They are not to badly priced when on offer so maybe look out for one and if it doesn't fit you can always sell it x


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