New Wonky Playhouse

I have always wanted to get Isla a play house and now we have a garden it was the perfect time to get one, I decided to go for a wonky playhouse, it looked quirky and funky, and as our family is pretty hectic and life is always crazy it just seemed to fit in with our home ha ha. We had it delivered and then had to wait until we had moved to set it up, when the day finally came to put it up I was so excited, we put Isla down for her nap and aimed to get it built while she was asleep.

We opened up all the boxes and then realised we didn’t have any instructions, so it took us a while to work out what parts were for what, but the hardest bit was working out what screws we had to use for what parts. It was a nightmare but I was determined to get it up for Isla, especially with the weather being so good. We done pretty well really, well I say we I mean Perry did, I just sort of watched and helped hold bits when I needed to, it wasn’t long before we got the base up and then it was simple, just do the floor and the sides, then the roof went on. Just as Perry put the last screw in Isla woke up, thinking back I wished I had waited a while before bringing her down to see it as she was still half asleep and a bit like what is going on? 

Once she had woken up a bit she ran over to the house and walked up the steps, she went down the slide and then ran back round to the steps again, she loved the house but we didn't manage to get the door handles on in time so we had to help her open the door which is held shut with magnets, the same for the windows. The house is a good size, I'm glad that its not too big as our garden is not exactly huge so it doesn't take up the whole garden which I love. Its going to be perfect for Isla and Archie to play in together and when Isla has her friends over they can play together in it too. 

I am so happy she has a little house to play in the garden, hopefully this summer we will be mostly in the garden, we just need the good weather now. We are going to decorate the house with fairy lights and do some bits inside to make it more cosy for her, I also love that the slide is part of it so now we don't have to have a separate slide taking up more room in the garden. 

What is your little ones favorite garden toy? 
Tara x

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