Baby 2 Body New Mom Box

Baby2Body are a great company offering soon to be Mums and new Mums expert advise:
"We cut through all the information out there and boil it down so you get exactly what you need to know, on the day you need to know it. You’ll get unbiased, evidence-based advice and motivation to keep you going from day one of your pregnancy until your child turns three"
I was recently sent the 'New Mom' box from Baby2Body and was super excited to see what was inside, I absolutely love boxes like these as its a good way to find out about new brands and give their products a try. There are 3 different boxes to try out that will suit your needs, the first one is the 1st & 2nd Trimester box, 3rd Trimester Box and lastly the New Mom Box which is what I received, they are £29 with a inside value of £100!

When I opened the box I was so surprised with the sizes of the products, I was lucky to take this photo as Isla quickly snatched away the dino paws sweets and demanded me to open them. So straight off I knew this box was a hit for us! Apart from the Bear children's treats I have never heard of any of these brands so was intrigued to have a look. Laying on top of the products was a handy 'What's In The Box' guide showing you all the products and what they are used for and a little information about them so that was helpful, there was also a relax and reboot 5 step guide for you to try out too which was really good and helpful. 

In my box I received a handy Baby2Body bag which I am going to use to put my gym bits in and also when I go to the shops I can use it to carry bits in, you can never have to many bags. 

Bear dino paws which Isla really enjoyed. 

Frame Chain to hang your glasses on so you cant loose them, its in a silver and gold colour.

Pukka womankind tea bags when I actually have a spare 5 minutes I will be having a cuppa and trying it out, its caffeine free which means you can drink it any time of the day.

Moo Goo scalp cream and lip balm, the scalp cream is such a good size (270g) so I will get plenty of use out of it and it smells lovely too! The texture is really nice and moisturising so I will be using it lots over the summer. 

Mustela lotion and cleansing wash for Archie, they are a great size so I think I am going to save them for when we go on our holiday.

Aurelia firming and revitalising dry body oil, its a sample size so after I have used it on my belly mum pouch and tops of my legs there isn't much left, but its lovely to use as it doesn't make you feel to greasy.  

Caudalie facial serum which is great for completion correcting so after long sleepless nights this is perfect for getting rid of dark areas and lightening them and lastly a

Rich luxury argan oil for your hair, I am yet to use this but I cant wait to try it out and use it! 

These boxes are great gifts for someone who has just announced their pregnancy, baby showers, even a treat for yourself, a good idea for any new mum too. 

* I was sent this box for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own, I was not paid for this.

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