Me & Mine: June 2015

June has been a big exciting month for us all as a family, we moved into our new home which we all love so much and have finally got properly settled into. Is it just me or has June felt like quite a long month? It seems like we done so much in one month, and the amazing heat wave has helped us to enjoy some special time together. I have enjoyed spending time in our garden, playing with Isla and having lots of BBQ's with friends and family, Perry's first Father's Day with two children, also June also was quite a sad month as Isla broke her wrist and 3 out of 4 weeks she has been in a cast, thankfully it is off now but it wasn't a great time for her bless. Archie has been smiling and is doing great, he has been putting on weight and has been such a joy to have around, Isla has fully adjusted to having her baby brother around now, she has also become so grown up, she is talking so much more now in sentences, she is doing so much new stuff and is generally becoming such a good little girl, she is so helpful and caring towards Archie, having him around seems to have really helped settle her down a bit. 

Mummy's June Highlights

- Moving into our new home, I really love it. 
- Orange Is The New Black Series 3, Ive waited ages for it and now I've watched them all, series 4 anyone? 
- The heatwave has been amazing, I'm loving having a tan, even if it just my top half haha!
- Archie smiling properly for the first time and even a slight chuckle.

Daddy's June Highlights

- Having his friends over for a BBQ, it was a good night. 
- Isla being so brave for her x-ray made him so proud.
- First Father's Day with 2 children, he loved his art crafts from them both.
- Mummy surprising him with a water fight when he come home from work was awesome.

Isla's June Highlights

- Getting a wooden garden house, she absolutely loves it.
- The rabbit having even more babies, she loves them all so much and enjoys stroking them.
- Getting a pink cast for her broken wrist, which she done so well having on in this heat too.
- Going to the sea side, soft play, park, and splash park has been so exciting for her. 

Archie's June Highlights

- Giving everyone smiles.
- Going to the splash park for the first time, he loved all the colours and children.
- Milk... all four 8oz bottles of milk he has everyday.
- His nursery being all set up and being able to lay in his cot for a while to help him get use to it.

dear beautiful


  1. Goddess you had a lot going on this month :) love reading your post, hope you have a good week xx

  2. Oh rabbit babies- how exciting!! Lovely photos!! xx


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