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This month has been crazy hectic, we moved into our new home and have been enjoying being a family of four on our own. Isla is loving having the space to run around and play, and has been loving having a garden to play in, especially in this lovely weather we have had recently. The bond between Isla and Archie has grown and grown more and I am feeling more proud than ever of my 2 beautiful children. 

Isla is talking a lot more now in sentences and seems to have really changed these past 2 weeks, its like she has really grown up and adjusted properly to being a big sister, she just amazes me every day with how helpful and caring she is towards her baby brother. Archie has started smiling and cooing which is so rewarding, not just for me and Perry, but for Isla too, Archie is so in love with his big sister, he knows when she is around and gets excited, so when he smiles back at Isla the look on her face is truly priceless. 

This month has been so lovely, we have been enjoying the garden, we have been going to the park, seaside, soft play and swimming, we have been so busy going out and also playing at home, our duplo collection has got even bigger, so has the wooden train set and we enjoy playing all together as a family. 

I am struggling with getting photos of me and both of them, so this is something I really need to change, this was us just before a day out to the Zoo and splash work when Perry had a surprise day off from work.

Me and Isla love taking selfies together, she had broken her wrist here and had just got her new cast on.

This one is Archie and I at the splash park, it was so hot and he needed to cool down a little so I took him over to the fountain to wet his feet, surprisingly he didn't cry. Perry was taking these without me knowing so I think that's why I like it so much, we got some more photos but I will be sharing them on another post about our day out together. 

I cant wait to see what July has in store for us and how much Isla and Archie will have grown! 

Tara x

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