A Letter To My Partner - 5 Years

I cant quite believe it, 5 whole years we have been together, and in that time we have done so much and have changed so much too. We have grown up and matured together, faced so many adventures and situations together, been through such hard times that would normally tear a couple apart, yet we have come out stronger every time. You're my best friend, my soul mate and my partner all in one, and I cant wait for the day to call you my Husband. It all started when I was 17 and you was 22, we met at a mutual friends BBQ and it went from there, before long we was off on our first date to the fair and the fireworks and that was it, we became inseparable - but this was a problem with you living almost an hour away! We would see each other in the week on MSN cam.. wow do you remember that!? 


So a few things we got up to that I can think of, taking the Evo on the London Tunnel Run and then we got lost (yeah I cant read maps you should of asked first!) and then Jap Show Finale in the rain where you polished the thing about 3 times you nutter, our first road trip to the Norfolk Broads for your birthday in November, it was freezing and you hired a boat out for us to go on, our first Christmas together at your Mums, then my 18th Birthday where we stayed in the Millennium Hotel Mayfair and it was super posh with the man in the top hat taking our cases and all the sports cars, after giggling all the way up to our room we then got ready to go to the Ice Bar, you proposing to me, going out on the boat in the summer, our first holiday to Egypt was the best, going clubbing (wow now I feel old), getting our tattoos of each others names, when we use to go camping and fishing and you set the grass on fire, and so much more. 

2012 was an amazing year, we had a heavy snow fall and loads of fun playing in it down at the beach, then we had to drive back to yours in it as I was off to Disneyland Paris with your Mum, Sister and Nephew the next day. We went to another posh hotel for valentines day, and while we was there we got talking about moving to Australia for a year, next thing we know less than a month later we are booking one way tickets to Australia, we had our farewell dinner / my 19th birthday and 2 days later we made the emotional good bye at Heathrow Airport and then made the super long journey to Perth. We had a great time and was enjoying life, on our second month out their we found out I was pregnant, I was 19 and the other side of the world from family and friends and so we stuck together more than ever and this tested us so much, after going to the doctors and having a scan it was confirmed our little one was due 26.12.12, after 3 months we decided to come home so we could get ready for our little bean that we soon learned was our little Princess. We moved into our first family home, we got our family car, we was meant to be getting married but that didn't happen because of the pregnancy, we spent our 2 year anniversary at a hotel in London and I squeezed into a dress but after dinner had to come home as it was too tight hah, then we had firework night and your 25th Birthday to celebrate in our first home, we had an amazing year together and to top it off our little girl Isla was born on 19.12.12 just in time for us to enjoy her for Christmas, that's when we became a family and our lives changed forever.

2013 we enjoyed being a family of 3 and watching our daughter grow, experiencing her first smile, laugh, roll over, crawl, walk, word, Mother's Day and Father's Day etc. We learned so much and adapted together, it was quite a roller coaster of a year, but we made it together. We went snow skiing for my Birthday at Milton Keynes and as we was going up the zip wire to the top you fell off and bundled into the snow! We went to Butlins, spent the summer at the seaside, splash park, and at our flat that we soon out grew and decided we needed to find somewhere bigger. We went to a lodge with its own hot tub and enjoyed another little family break which we loved as we took Isla swimming lots, she loved it as she had started her swimming lessons. Winter came and we moved back into my parents home while we was looking for a new home, while we was there Isla took her first steps at 10.5 months old and we was soon shocked at how big she was getting and decided we needed to be a family again in our own space, so we found a new flat that was bigger and we moved out the day before Islas 1st birthday party which was stressful, but we did it, when we need to we can work so hard together and make things work, that's one of the many reasons why I love you. We enjoyed her first Birthday in London at the sea life aquarium and shopping, also a little celebration for surviving the first year of parenthood, 6 days later we had our second Christmas together as a family and we enjoyed a quiet New Years Eve in together which takes us to.. 

2014, this was a year that was pretty eventful with some highs and unfortunately some lows as well. We started off the year in our new flat, my 21st Birthday was lovely I was surprised with a meal with family and friends, followed by a night away in London with you and lots of shopping, we went to the Shard for dinner and it was amazing, it was lovely to get away with you and over looking the view of London at night time was pretty special. We booked our first family holiday abroad to Egypt which was pretty exciting, that holiday wasn't relaxing at all but it was still amazing, even with a feisty 17 month old. We had lots of adventures that Summer, going out on the boat and jet bike, bike rides with our new trailer, adventurous country walks, and we also decided we was ready to try for another baby. On our second month trying I fell pregnant and we was over the moon, although I felt something was wrong we still was happy, soon after I had a miscarriage and was devastated, you stood by me and helped me as much as you could, 2 weeks after the miscarriage I fell pregnant with our Rainbow baby, we found out the night we got home from Peppa Pig world and although we was happy we was still pretty on edge, especially with some of the symptoms. But our little bean held on tight and we then had to move again as the flat was just not big enough to have another baby in and we wanted a garden, so yet again we moved back to my parents. While we was there I booked a gender scan and surprised you for your birthday, and what a great present to find out you was having a Son. We was over the moon and so excited,  next we celebrated Isla's 2nd Birthday and once again was in awe at how grown up she was, Christmas wasn't great, I was ill and your Dad was unwell too, but we still had a good day. 

The start of 2015 wasn't great, but we did book 2 holidays for this year which was exciting,  and we also had a week away in Wales which was lovely to enjoy one last little break with Isla, fast forward to 02.05.15 we welcomed our Son Archie into the world and once again our lives changed forever, we went from a family of 3 to 4 and couldn't of been happier, he was just perfect and his birth was amazing, once again a all natural drug free birth and he was born into the pool as well, I couldn't of wanted more for our special Rainbow baby and he was born on the same day as the new Royal Baby! When he was 3 weeks old we got the news we could move into our new house in a few days, so yet again we moved which this time being the most stressful, but at least we won't be moving for a long time now. Since moving life has been great, we have been going to the sea side, splash park, fair, water fights in the garden, BBQ's, we have been enjoying so many adventures together, and are now enjoying all of Archie's firsts, also we get to watch the bond between our 2 beautiful children grow, and here we are back to the present day, we have our holiday to Egypt coming up in a few weeks and so much more stuff to look forward to this year, we are now starting wedding plans and just could not be happier. I cant wait to enjoy the rest of this year and see what next year brings. 

I was going to write a letter to say how much I love you and Thank You for being the best partner and Dad ever, but I guess you kind of know that already so I thought I would look back on the past 5 years so we could see how far we have come, starting from just the two of us, who would of thought that 5 years later we would be four. I am so happy, we have two beautiful children and so much to look forward to for the rest of this year, and I am so happy we are going through it together and you are by my side. We face new situations together and when times are tough we stick together, I cant wait to marry you! Here is to the next year together! 

Love Tara xx

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