Me & Mine: July 2015

* I know I know this is too late to link up but I still wanted to document it*
July has been a super busy month for us, it has been filled with lots of family and friend get togethers, Perry took a day off work and we had a family day out at the Zoo and splash park, I then got a train with my friend to Clacton for the day and spent lots of time with friends in the good weather we had. We had messy play days at home with friends, I also had a night in with a friend and had a few drinks too! We had our local fair that comes every year and Isla was so excited this year going on nearly every ride, we also got the boat and jet bike out a few times as well. I also started the gym so look out for a post on that soon, and to top the month off Archie's special silver penny came! 

Mummy's July Highlights

- Going to the zoo and splash park on a day that Daddy would normally be at work!
- Letting her hair down and having a few too many drinks with her friend. 
- Lots of good weather so that only means BBQ's with friends and family. 
- Spending lots of time down on the beach with friends. 

Daddy's July Highlights 

- Having a night out with his friends and also had too much to drink, apparently he is never drinking again?
- Getting out on the jet bike a few times.
- Going to the gym with Mummy.
- Taking Mummy out for a meal and having a night together (well we did have Archie too but he don't count as he sleeps in hehe) 

Isla's July Highlights

- Going on her first roller coaster all by herself.
- Going to Clacton twice and winning Elsa and Anna off of the 2p machines with Mummy.
- Playing on the beach with her buckets and sand moulds.
- Giving up her dummy and getting a treat for doing so well. 

Archie's July Highlights

- Receiving his lucky silver penny for being born the same day as Princess Charlotte.
- Getting his passport photo taken... yes its priceless. 
- Laughing for the first time at Mummy. 
- Going to the zoo and splash park for the first time. 

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