Mummy & Me | August

August seems to have flown by, we haven't been as busy as last month and I am kinda glad that things seem to have slowed down a bit. I mean it is lovely going out and making the most of the weather but boy is it tiring! This month has been a bit more chilled, we have been going out on the boat and this month Isla came out for the first time too! Its been a month of quality family time, we have watched the fireworks together for our yearly tradition, but of course this was our first year as a family of four. Me and Isla have been doing lots of art activities, we have been going over to the park, swimming and so much more. Archie has grown so much this month, I keep looking at July's photos and just think to myself how did you get so big!? I am looking forward to the colder months coming up and being able to hideaway at home, I feel like I'm ready for it and I'm looking forward to some of the activities I have planned for the winter months too! 

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  1. Great photos! Going out on the boat sounds like so much fun, and your little Archie is so so cute!! Those eyes! xx

  2. Both kiddies are looking more and more grown up each time you post a new photo! I love that one of the 3 of you xx

  3. I love the one of the three of you! These mummy & me post's come round so so quick!! xx


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