Mummy & Me | July

Well well well another month has flown by, like how!? I really need to catch up, but we have been so so busy this month, we have been having some really good weather so have been making the most of it with play dates with friends. Almost everyday we are meeting friends and doing something, like going to the park, soft play, activities at home which is what we have mainly been doing. We have had a messy painting play day, a sensory activity day and even pizza movie nights with friends (toddler friendly) haha. On weekends we have been going to the seaside, beach, having BBQ's at home and also going out on the boat! We also had our local fair that comes every year which was fun, Isla is at a great age this year so she went on every single toddler ride so it was a good evening out. 

Archie has grown so much, he is smiling and making noises all the time, his personality is really starting to come out. He is so close to having his first belly laugh and I honestly cant wait for that. Isla took ages to laugh and when she did it was on her terms, but Archie just seems so much more ticklish so its easy to get him all excited and start making noises. He loves being bounced so it just seemed perfect for us to buy him a jumperoo and he absolutely loves it. 

Isla has started talking so much more, and putting together sentences, she is so cheeky and she knows it. She has been loving spending time with all her friends and all these exciting days, she really loves the craft days we do as she loves getting messy and making Mummy drawings as she says. She went out on the boat for the first time this month and also went on her first rides all by herself at Clacton and at the fair. We have had such a good month and are looking forward to more adventures in August! 

Tara xx

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  1. Sounds like you've have a pretty good month! I can't believe how fast they're both growing xx

  2. Lovely pictures of you all. They grow so quickly, don't they?! It makes me so sad xx


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