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Being a Mum is hardwork, and after time you soon come to realise what products are your must haves to keep you sane. I have sat and thought about what top 5 products I use the most and ones that help me out a lot. After all, we are all doing a hard job so I thought it might help out another Mummy who needs some help or to find new products to help you with daily tasks and to make being a Mum a bit easier! 

1. My Coffee Machine - I was never really a lover of coffee before I had children, but now I quite enjoy a coffee. Not so much just for the caffeine although it is a handy bonus, but more so that I enjoy making a coffee and just sitting down to drink it. It gives me a reason to sit down and take time out otherwise I would just be on the go all the time. My favourite drink is by Carte Noire - Caramel Machiato! 

2. Beets Blu Key Finder - What are the main 2 things that you always lose? For me its my keys and iPhone, well I say lose but I really mean my toddler hides them or leaves them somewhere. There is nothing more stressful than trying to get out the door and then realising you have lost your keys. This handy little gadget can be controlled via your mobile, so using your phone you can make the fob send out an alarm to help you find your keys! I have seen similar before but you have to whistle, and well they are really useless but this is great it connects via bluetooth. The awesome thing is if you have your keys and have lost your phone you can use a button on the fob to make your phone sound an alarm! I use this so much I don't know what I would do without it now. You can purchase them from Amazon.

3. iPad - I love my iPad, I use it for catch up TV, reading blogs via Bloglovin and games. I also love that if I need to get something done and Isla is being irritable I can give her the iPad and put on a educational app or game for her to play while I get a quick job done. Using the accessibility section I have also set up a password so I can lock her into a app and I don't have to worry about her getting into anything she shouldn't. Her favourite apps are the Duplo ones and Disney Palace Pets. We also have a bracket so we can put it behind our headrest in the car so she can also watch films when we go for long drives, I downloaded an app where you can stream YouTube videos onto it so you can watch them when you are not connected to wifi. I got this case from Aldi and its perfect for kids with the carry handle and built in stand. 

4. Jumperoo - With Isla we had a pink exersaucer for her to stand in, it was awesome and she used it until 1 year old, but obviously Archie is a boy so I wasn't keen on putting him in the brightest pink girly activity station. So we recently bought him a Jumperoo by Fisher Price and I have to say we love it so much already. Again, if I need to get a job done like washing up I can put him in it and he happily bounces away and looks around at all the colours. Because he is still so young he doesn't go in it a lot just yet, but I am so glad we made the purchase! 

5. Tangleteezer - Although Isla has short hair it still gets really knotty and I also have thick hair so I use it too. Since having Archie my hair falls out in handfuls so this helps to prevent loosing anymore hair, if thats even possible with having children? Since using the tangleteezer it has reduced so many tantrums about me doing Isla's hair! They are quite expensive but definitely worth it, I have had mine years. 

What are your lifesaving items? Let me know in the comments section below! 

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  1. Love that key fob, so clever how you can use it to find your phone too! Definitely couldn't live without the jumperoo when they get a bit bigger, so much fun for them and a rest for you haha xx


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