Our 5 Year Anniversary

We celebrated our 5 year Anniversary on Monday, 5 whole years just blows me away I cant believe it! If you want to read about what we got up to last year click here.. as I was reading it just now I realised that I was actually very early pregnant with Archie so that explains the falling asleep ;). So over the weekend we done some nice things together to celebrate our Anniversary as we knew on Monday Perry would be at work. We had a chinese take away on the Friday night and I also made Perry a cake on Friday so we had some of that. 

Saturday was a bit of a lazy day, Perry did take the kids over to the park so I could have a bit of alone time and have a shower. Afterwards when he got back we all got into our bed and watched Toy Story with a Mc Donalds! It was lovely to all snuggle up in bed together as a family, as now I feel like our anniversary is a celebration for the family too, without us they wouldn't be here so its nice to enjoy them and make a little fuss of them too. 

Sunday we got up and I wrote Perry a post that you can read previous to this one, while I was doing that he popped to Argos and bought a badminton set and a ball game... I don't know the name of it but basically you hold a round disk type thing that is covered in velcro and then you throw the tennis ball at one another and catch it on the disk... whats it called!? 

We had a lovely time over the field and park, we even got an ice cream from the ice cream van that came round, I had a huge one which was covered in sprinkles! Isla enjoyed playing in the park as well and then it got a bit cold so we came home. We just played for the rest of the afternoon in the garden and then had stir fry for dinner. 

Monday was our official Anniversary, Perry went off to work and then we exchanged gifts after, I got him new trainers, clothes, gym clothes and a wrist screen to go with his go pro that I got him last year. He got me chocolates, a wedding planner, a pandora charm and a new vlogging camera! We cooked one of our favourites meal, lamb shank with minted gravy and mash, followed by cake. Perry run me a bath and lit candles, he also put in a Lush bath bomb which was amazing and he even put banners up! Afterwards we snuggled in bed with chocolates and watched a film. We had a lovely time celebrating and I'm looking forward to seeing what the next year brings! Here is to 6 years :D 

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