Packing Tips For A Family Holiday

We are now within a few weeks until we go abroad on holiday with the kids. Florida 4 Less have teamed up with Trunki and created a video showing you how to pack in 18 seconds, so I thought I would share with you my tips for space saving when you have limited baggage space, often forgotten items and a few of our family holiday essentials that we like to take abroad with us when we go away. 

My Space Saving Travel Tips
- Invest in a re-usable swimming nappy, you can easily wash it out and use it again. It saves taking a whole pack of disposable ones, and helps the environment too!
- Fill your sterilising container with spare bottles etc and use sterilising tablets instead of taking sterilising fluid, this will save space and weight. 
- Put perfume and fragile items in your shoes, this will help protect them and save space. 
- Put shampoo, conditioner, body wash etc in plastic travel sized containers. 
- Roll towels and other items where possible instead of folding, this will use less space and help prevent creases.
- Make use of all space that is available in your suitcase, for example either side of the handle I usually put my socks, bras, bikini tops/bottoms and underwear, this then makes it an even surface so I can then lay my clothes on top. 

Often Forgot Items
- Plastic cutlery - I bought Isla a set that comes in a handy case to keep them clean. Also a beaker so you can fill it up with water for them to drink while you are away. 
- Travel wash - There is nothing worse than your toddler getting a mark on their clothes or on your clothes while on holiday, so at least you can give them a little wash to help stains. Also you can wash clothes so you don't have to take so many so that will save space, you can use it to wash the reusable swimming nappy too. 
- A first aid kit - You never know when you or your children may become ill especially after travelling so its a good idea to pack plasters, paracetamol, ibuprofen, thermometer etc.
- A plastic bag - To put dirty clothes or stained clothes in so as soon as you get home you can treat them and then wash them. You may also have damp clothes from your last day before you fly home so you can put them in a bag as well. 
- Phone charger - The chances are you are going to have your phone on charge in the night before you leave so you will have to make sure you don't forget it in the morning or whenever it is that you leave. 
- Antibacterial wipes / hand sanitiser - I always like to take these to give the highchairs and tables a little wipe down first and also hand sanitiser is good for when you're travelling or out and about on holiday. 

Our Holiday Essentials

A few of our essentials we like to take on holiday with us:

- Snoozeshade - This is perfect for keeping young children out of the sun, its breathable so they stay cool and it also creates a dark environment for them to have a sleep in.
- Clip on fan - We used this lots last year in Egypt, on the pushchair and on the cot.
- Reigns - these were perfect when we had a toddler who was adamant she wasn't going to sit in the pushchair.
- UV suits/hats - These are great for protecting them from the sun while in the pool or even sitting around the pool, look for the ones that offer 50+ UV protection.
- Konfidence swimming costume/vest - Can not recommend these enough, they also provide better movement in the water where arm bands would normally restrict them.
- Milton Mini soother steriliser - This handy little gadget is great while travelling and on holiday, you can make up a solution in the morning before you go out and you can use it unlimited times for 24 hours, just strap it onto your pushchair or bag. 
When I asked Isla what her travel essentials were and what she would like to pack in her suitcase this is what we got! I placed her little over night suitcase on the floor and let her fill it with what ever she felt she needed, to say the results were amusing is an understatement! So this is what we got...
- Her Baby Annabell 
- One jelly shoe
- A doll with a leg missing!?
- George Pig keyring 
- Minnie Mouse beach bag
- Minnie Mouse UV suit (I think she knew on holiday we go swimming hehe) 
I think its safe to say I will be packing her bags for holiday, so look out for some posts coming up soon on what I am taking for her on the plane and more! 

*This was in collaboration with Florida4less. I was not paid for this and all writing was typed by me personally. 


  1. I hadn't heard of / though of reusable swim nappies before that is such a good idea! #mummymonday

    1. We got one in the Asda baby event and use it all the time its bambino? I think thats what it is called

  2. Great! we are venturing away on a mini break in 3 weeks time with our 2 year old and nearly all of your tips are relevant to us too! its stressful packing for yourself, let alone a child! :) #mummymonday

    1. Really! We are off in 3 weeks time too :) first time abroad with 2 kids for us though, our youngest will only be 4 months eek x

  3. I once fell foul of not packing my perfume in my shoes before a long haul flight - all my clothes smelt very nice when we reached our destination! Now I wouldn't leave home without Milton tablets and sun hats. Oh how times have changed! ;) #MummyMonday

  4. I am past this stage now but I know it took me a while to work out. I am now at the stage where I think I must have forgotten things because it is all to easy and I don't have to pack so much. Ahh bliss!!


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