Partybags & Supplies Review

We was recently asked if we would like to review a party pack bundle from Partybags and supplies, and with one of Isla's friends birthdays round the corner we decided to throw her a little get together instead of just getting her a present. So I ordered this set from the website as I thought it was really girly, although I could of picked loads of character sets which looked fab! I wasn't really sure what character she was into the most and as we was doing it for a surprise I just went for the Sweet Stuff Cupcake Birthday Party one. This set included:

- 8 paper plates
- 8 paper cups 
- 1 table cover 
- 16 napkins 
- 8 party bags (already filled)

One thing I loved about the sets was that the party bags were already filled and made up, this meant I only needed to set up the decorations and not have to do any work so that was brilliant for this busy Mum! I set the table up with everything that came in the set before they arrived, we put the girls up at the big table for a treat and me and my friend used the other plates and stood in the kitchen watching the girls. 

I was really impressed with the size of the paper plates, seems such a mummy thing to say but normal plates are smaller, so these were great and meant I could stick more food on my plate haha! The table cover was also a very good quality, it proved this when one of the girls knocked their drinks over and I simply just wiped it and it was dry after and looked good as before, it was also huge and could of fit on a table double the size of mine! The cups were a good size for the children too and they enjoyed drinking out of 'big girl cups'. Included in the pack was a big pack of napkins, and well with young children I was so grateful to have plenty of those. 

The party bags were a huge hit with the girls, they loved the bubbles and couldn't wait for us to put their temporary tattoos on. Of course the sweets were a huge hit as well, and also the purses and head bands were a nice thing for them to take home and keep. I was so pleased that the party bags were all made up, it made it so much easier and I could imagine if you was having a bigger party it would be even better and less stressful for us Mums! 

Each party bag came filled with a bracelet, fairy temporary tattoo, a pack of Maoam (Either Strawberry, Raspberry or Orange) , bubbles and a purse with 4 elastic hairbands on. 

Because the set was for 8 and we only used 5 on the day, in the evening I decided to serve dinner on the plates and use the cups and have a second little party with Daddy and Isla. I was just impressed to not have to wash up! Starting to think of buying paper plates more often! I'm not sure if I would pay £28.99 for the set, I would if it was for 12 people and included banners too, but they do have different sets at prices to suit your budget. Overall I was happy with the set and also the website offers so so much from decorations to catering, so you can easily find something to suit your party. I have also got so many ideas for Isla and Archie's birthdays, and have seen some bits on the website that I have not seen elsewhere before, so definitely check out the website if you are having a party soon, not just for children but for teens and adults too. 

* I was asked to pick a set to review, I was not paid for this and all opinions are my own

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