Potty Training | Week 1

This week was our first week of full on potty training with Isla, I did try a few weeks ago but made no progress at all so I decided to stop and wait a bit longer. On Sunday Isla had got out the bath and was in her pyjamas ready for bed, she went into the bathroom where Perry was bathing Archie and she said wee wee, so we asked if she wanted to use the potty and she said yes, she sat on the potty and had a wee! We was so shocked and so I decided this was it, as from tomorrow we are potty training and going for it this time. I am so proud of her and how well it is going, I made a little diary of how she did in the week, we still have a bit to work on like knickers, letting me know when she needs the toilet and using the potty when we go out, but overall she has done so well for week 1 and hopefully week 2 will be just as good as well. 

In the morning I changed her nappy and put one back on her, we went down for breakfast and afterwards I asked her if she could do a wee on the potty, she sat down and had a wee. I was surprised at hoe easy it was and just thought it was a one off. After a while I opened the back door for her to go in the garden, she was naked from the waist down and pretty much as soon as she got outside she did wee on the floor. We had her Nan come over who hasn't seen her in a while so I did put a nappy on her as I wanted them to enjoy the day together and spend some time together, it just was not the right day to do it. 

After breakfast I asked her where she would like me to put her potty, I asked her if she needed a wee and once again she instantly went. I kept her naked from the waist down all day as I found it easier and didn't want to overwhelm her with knickers straight away as I knew last time they didn't help at all. She did go over to the potty a few times and I could tell she needed a poo, at 1pm she had a wee on the potty again she was playing and I heard her say "my potty, my potty" and I said quick get to it and then she went. At around 4pm she was watching the TV as it was raining so I put the potty in view of the tele and said sit down. She then had a poo on the potty and I was so amazed that she did. Later on that evening I was running a bath and she was watching, I said to her if you need a wee your potty is in your bedroom, I ran downstairs to quickly get something and when I came back up she had done a wee in the potty on her own! This was huge improvement that she was using it without me asking. 

She was quite wet when she woke up so said she didn't need to go in the morning, at 8am after breakfast she had a wee on the potty, then another at 10am, 12pm, 2:45pm, and all of these times I would hear her say my potty and then run to it, at 4:45pm, 5pm and 5:20pm she just went and sat on it and done a wee without saying anything. Again we had another day without accidents which was just brilliant. I didn't write anymore times down that she went but she had no accidents. 

As soon as she woke up I went in to her bedroom, I took her pull up off which was practically dry and I asked if she needed a wee, she said yes and sat on the potty and had a big wee. Again after breakfast she had another wee. Perry was at home this day and as soon as she realised she started to play up a bit, she is typically naughtier when Perry is at home unfortunately. As she had got all the stickers on her chart we headed to Smyths to buy her a treat, we put a pull up on her and took the potty with us, we told her we had it so if she needed it she could use it. When we was about to leave the shop I asked if she needed to go and she said no, I could tell she seemed really shy about it. Once we started heading home she cried out my wee wee, we pulled over but it was too late she had gone in the pull up. Back at home she wouldn't go, so in the afternoon we headed over to the park, again we took the potty but she would not use it, she ended up wetting herself in the field, this time she was in knickers so it went everywhere. 

She had a wee in the morning followed by another 2 wees on the potty, then I decided it was time to put knickers on her, she ran to the potty twice and done a wee with them on while on the potty, so I explained she needed to tell me when so I could help her (we are struggling with this bit) then she seemed to be in a bit of pain, and must of been constipated, all of a sudden she done a accident on the floor, after a bath we tried again. At around 3pm my Mum came to pick her up for the night and she said at her house she used the potty twice. 

Now we are at a funny stage, I don't know what has happened its like she hates it now? We was out Saturday so she was in pull ups and it kind of all went a bit pear shaped. Today she had a wee upstairs and hasn't been again. I don't know if its because Perry is home or what. Im hoping tomorrow will be better and we can try and get back to how good she was last week. Every time she used the potty we would go and flush it, wash our hands, she would get a sticker and sometimes a little treat too and I would always praise her as well.

If anyone has any tips or advise on getting her to tell me she needs to go, teaching her about the knickers, making her feel comfortable using the potty out and about or any other advise id be grateful. 



  1. wow she did so well. I have no idea what to suggest I am afraid. Just keep trying #MaternityMondays

  2. Ahh thats fab!! shes done really well. i too started potty training with my 2 year old a month or so ago but she wasn't ready and i haven't plucked up the courage yet to try again. I think i might have to now! :)


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