Potty Training | Week 2

Week two has been really really good, and I can safely say that Isla is potty trained, well 99% trained in the day time, we will work on night time in a few months. She does not have wee accidents at all anymore, I was worried as at the end of last week she did seem to take a couple of steps back but I soon learnt that it is completely normal for them to have a regression at the end of the first week, so this kind of explains it and I do believe that is what it was. Monday morning she was back to her normal self, and we have been using knickers this week as well. To start with she was sitting on the potty in her knickers and having a wee, so I had to explain to her a few times to tell me when she needed to go and I would help her. So now she often tells me she needs a wee and I pull her knickers down, although the past few days she has been doing it all by herself, she just needs help with pulling them up. Sometimes I see her hold herself and I will ask her if she needs a wee and she says no, then I ask her again and suggest using the big toilet and she says yes and when we go she does have a wee. 

Using The Big Toilet
Surprisingly she started to ask to use the big toilet, so I have set up a stool so she can hop on and off the big toilet by herself, and sometimes she asks for the potty and sometimes the big toilet. She is doing so well and doesn't even need a seat to go on top of the big toilet either. 

Going Out And Staying At My Parents
She has stayed at my parents house and while she was there she has been using the potty and also telling my mum when she needed to go. I'm pleased that she seems comfortable in other places to go to the toilet so that is good. The ONE issue we have still is that she won't tell us when she needs a poo and therefore goes in her underwear, on day one of potty training she went on the potty but that is the only time. So we are still working on that, and also going out is a bit of a nightmare, I do put her in a pull up. Tonight we went out for a meal and she was in a pull up, while we was there I asked her if she needed a wee and she said yes so we went to the big toilets and she went. About 10 minutes later she told us she needed a wee again and I took her and she went again, so I think we are getting somewhere with using the toilet while out so that is good. 

I cant believe how amazing she has done, it only really took a week to train her, we had a few little hiccups at the end of the first week but that is normal, now she seems fully adjusted to telling us when she needs a wee and using either the potty or the big toilet. We have a couple of little things that we still need to work on but I would say yes she is potty trained at home. Going out... its still early days, and I think a lot of it is to do with her confidence. 

I will be sharing some tips and items we have been using since potty training in the hope it can help another parent going through potty training. 

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