Siblings | September

These two have been extra cuddly this month, with Isla asking to hold Archie a lot more often, even if she refers to him as 'it'. Archie has been quite unsettled the past week with teething and now and again I hear a little voice asking 'are you ok buddy?' and its just the cutest thing. She loves to show him all her toys and gets him to hold them. She does help him a lot, she brings him his dummy if he gets upset and I'm busy. Archie loves to look at Isla and when she stayed at my parents he was definitely looking round for her the following morning. We have our holiday this month and I'm so looking forward to spending a week of quality time with them both without having to worry about housework and cooking. We are all excited to have a week with Daddy and spend some time with him too, we are also loving this cooler weather which means winter country walks, duvet days, and lots of indoor activities! 

As you are reading this we are in Egypt so I will comment on everyones photos when I get home! 
dear beautiful

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