Siblings | October

When we went on our holiday last month these two seem to have become closer than ever before, I don't know what it was about the holiday but something happened between them both, they loved being in the pool together and sharing the whole experience together, from taking off on the aeroplane to holding hands on the coach, it was such a lovely thing to witness as parents. I think I can now say that these two have truly become... Best Friends. 

dear beautiful

TravelSnug Review

Before we went to Egypt we was very kindly sent a TravelSnug for Isla to use on the flight, I was a little anxious this year as we was flying with a 2 year old toddler and a 4 month old baby, also I was feeling nervous about how Isla would be on the flight this year. When the TravelSnug arrived I was very impressed with how padded it was and even wanted one in adult size for myself! The pattern we was sent was the Happy Heart version and it made Isla feel a lot more excited about using it on the aeroplane.
It comes rolled up like this and is secured with 2 buckles, it has a carry handle that is awesome and makes carrying it a lot easier, we even put the handle over the handle on the hand luggage case so it stayed in place on top of the case. It is rolled up into a blanket which again is really useful as it does get quite chilly on a aeroplane for day and night flights. 

When we got on the plane we unrolled the travel snug so we could put Isla's harness on for her, you cant see very clearly in the photo but the Travel Snug strap comes up between the legs and the aeroplane belt goes through it to make it a T bar harness which I really liked. As you can tell from the photo Isla loved her seat, she looked so cosy and snuggly which also led to us getting many comments from other parents asking where it was from. 

Another great thing about the TravelSnug was that it was like a booster seat as well, so this meant Isla was at a better height to use the pull down table so she could eat and do some colouring as well. As she was sat in the middle it also meant she could get a little bit of view from out of the window. On the way home we had a night time flight and the TravelSnug was really put to the test when Isla fell asleep, and when being the question here as it took some time as she was so overtired. Once she was asleep she was really comfortable in the seat and her head was resting on the padded cushion and she was covered over with the blanket to keep her warm. We really loved trying out the TravelSnug and I definitely found it helpful especially for the night time flight home. The only fault I could find was that rolling it up on the aeroplane before we got up was a bit awkward but we kind of just put the straps on and sorted it out properly when we got to the hotel, we was also very tired and stressed so that didn't really help the situation at all. I would definitely recommend the TravelSnug, especially for long haul flights and if you travel often. 

TravelSnug also sell a harness version where you are able to put shoulder straps through, this would be really handy to even go in a pushchair or bike carriage. The travel snug can also be used on the train as well which means it can get plenty of use, its also quite large when laid out on the floor and Isla likes to cuddle up into it and watch a film or even sit in it on the sofa! We certainly give it 5 stars!

Beets Blu Bluetooth Scales Review

Since having Archie 5 months ago I have wanted to get back into shape and build my endurance, I have made a post talking about finding myself again, which you can read here. In that post I talk about wanting to feel good again and happy when I look in the mirror so since I have joined the gym and started working out more. I have a Fitbit and looked at getting the blue tooth scales for that but the price tag was out of my budget. When I was contacted to review these scales I was so excited, Ive always wanted to try blue tooth scales as I cant say I'm a fan of normal ones as I don't like to let a number affect my feelings, for me its all about how I feel and when I look in the mirror. But these scales offer so much more and give you a lot more information like your muscle mass, body weight with body fat percentage, BMI and water level. All this has helped me with my fitness journey, although at times my weight has not gone down, I could see that my body fat was and my muscle mass was increasing, this gave me a huge boost whereas if I had been using a ordinary scale I probably would of given up (I tend to give up easily) 

Every time you use the scales it syncs with your phone via blue tooth and gives you the data from that day within seconds, it shows a graph from the past 7 and 30 days so you can easily track your progress. It can also be used by multiple people, this is something we have not done yet but we will both be using them as my partner is going to the gym too, so he would like to view his progress too. I also had a problem with the app, every time I used the scales my weight would display on them, but then once synced with my phone it put my weight down by 2lb and I deleted and re installed the app and it seems to have fixed it but can be hit and miss. 

The scales themselves look pretty expensive, they are very modern looking and feel sturdy which is good, the price tag is affordable and makes them a lot more appealing. The scales must be used on a hard floor, so I have to weigh myself in the kitchen but I do this first thing in the morning after going for a wee and before starting breakfast etc. It has been very nice watching my progress via the app, sometimes it has taught me to not be so hard on myself and that it takes time but it does eventually work, being able to see my fat percentage go down and also my BMI has been the most rewarding thing so far on my fitness journey. These are so good for everyday use, people wanting to lose weight, or just improve their lifestyle. 

I am very happy with the scales and have already recommended them to family and friends. They can be bought on Amazon along with some of the other products they do like the heart rate monitor and the key finder. I am looking forward to using the scales for the rest of my fitness journey and am so thankful I have them or I would of give up a while ago.

* I was sent the scales for the purpose of this review. I was not paid for this and all opinions are my own. 

Isla's Dream House

Isla was recently invited into a competition to create her own dream house by decorating a cardboard house exactly the way she wanted, Ocean Finance wanted to see what the next generation of mini interior designers would create if they could decorate their own home. I was super excited for her as she loves doing arts and crafts so I knew she would enjoy it, and also the play house was very exciting for her she screamed as soon as she see it set up in the living room. So on Saturday we decided to paint it, we had already been out to the shops and Isla had picked some paints and stickers to decorate it with. 
So this is side 1 being decorated, she went for pink, purple and yellow, she also used a bit of glitter paint too! She got stuck in and once it was mostly covered she then done some smaller detail using a small sponge brush! She loved painting the house and was getting really excited about what she had painted on the house. 

Side 2 is her Frozen side for her dolls Anna and Elsa, she went for baby blue, royal blue and also some more glitter paint. Daddy picked her up so she could put some silver glitter on the roof of the house, she squirted a huge amount out and at first I thought oh my what just happened, but it ended up turning out really good, it started running down the roof and has dried looking like ice and snow on the roof! Maybe she knew all along it would be like that and that is why she done it. 

Side 3 she decided to get her hands messy and put some handprints on the house, although by the end she had smeared it all into one, and then she went on to cover her face, arms and belly! Bath time quickly took place after this event. She also done some little drawings at the bottom, as you can see she done a smiley face and I was extremely proud of it, its only the third time she has ever done a face before! Side 4 was kept pretty plain and she decided to put some stickers on it and also some stickers on side 1. 

So the finished result...................

This is one proud little girl posing in front of her favourite side of the house, and I have to admit it is my favourite side too. 

Making it cosy with a blanket and pillow inside. 

I am so happy that she enjoyed decorating her dream home, and as you can see she is so happy with it. Ocean Finance have been helping home owners to build their own dream homes for 20 years with mortgages, personal loans, homeowner loans and credit cards! I know I would love to build and design my own dream home one day, it is definitely something I think about often and hope to be in a position to do one day. 

* We was sent this cardboard house for Isla to decorate and to be entered into a competition. All photos, words and opinions are honest and my own. 

Me & Mine: September

Where has September gone? I blinked and now its October! We went to Egypt in the middle of the month for a week which was amazing, we had such a lovely week away but I cant really say it was much of a break for Mummy and Daddy but never mind, a week without cooking and cleaning was lovely and meant we got lots of quality time as a family. Archie is growing bigger and bigger everyday and is now getting his own little character, we all enjoy watching him grow and learn new things, and its lovely to see Isla getting excited by him achieving new things as well. Our family at the moment is feeling pretty content and we are happy where we are at, we have a few new things lined up that we are looking forward to and also making plans for next year too! Of course our family photo this month was from our holiday, we only managed to get 3 of all of us and that was only because I made everyone get up at 6:30am and go and take some photos in the light, as by the time we was going for our evening meals and looking all glam it was already pitch black. 

Mummy's September Highlights
- Having a week break from cooking and cleaning, it was lovely to just spend quality time with my little family in the sun.
- Getting the photo above put onto a huge canvas for the living room!
- Lots of date nights with Daddy have been really nice.
- Signing Isla up to a Nursery was very exciting for her and me.

Daddy's September Highlights
- Spending a week in Egypt was very much needed and was definitely enjoyed.
- Going snorkelling and seeing all the fish was cool, even the one that attacked the camera.
- Getting a new bigger family car, which now means more road trips!
- Getting some nice photos as a family and with the children.

Isla's September Highlights
- Going on a aeroplane again, she was so excited this year.
- Learning to swim with hardly any floats.
- Making friends on holiday.
- Going to see her nursery that she will be starting in January!

Archie's September Highlights 
- Going on a aeroplane for the first time.
- His first holiday abroad, he wasn't phased by the heat at all.
- Going for his first swim in the pool, he was kicking his legs and using his arms already! 
- Learning to roll over back to belly, so now he does constant ropy poly's across the room.

dear beautiful

Mummy & Me | September

This month has gone by in a flash and I think it's safe to say we have said goodbye to the warm weather. We ended the summer on a good note by spending a week in a very hot Egypt and we had the most amazing time, so it was only appropriate that this months photos are from our holiday. Both of them seemed to bond even more on holiday, Isla loved that Archie could come in the pool and I loved spending time with them without having to worry about washing and cooking and all the other daily tasks of being at home for a week, so that was really special and we all made memories that will last a lifetime! 

As you can imagine we got a TON of photos while we was on holiday and it was really hard to choose some, so here are a few of my favourites. 

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