Beets Blu Bluetooth Scales Review

Since having Archie 5 months ago I have wanted to get back into shape and build my endurance, I have made a post talking about finding myself again, which you can read here. In that post I talk about wanting to feel good again and happy when I look in the mirror so since I have joined the gym and started working out more. I have a Fitbit and looked at getting the blue tooth scales for that but the price tag was out of my budget. When I was contacted to review these scales I was so excited, Ive always wanted to try blue tooth scales as I cant say I'm a fan of normal ones as I don't like to let a number affect my feelings, for me its all about how I feel and when I look in the mirror. But these scales offer so much more and give you a lot more information like your muscle mass, body weight with body fat percentage, BMI and water level. All this has helped me with my fitness journey, although at times my weight has not gone down, I could see that my body fat was and my muscle mass was increasing, this gave me a huge boost whereas if I had been using a ordinary scale I probably would of given up (I tend to give up easily) 

Every time you use the scales it syncs with your phone via blue tooth and gives you the data from that day within seconds, it shows a graph from the past 7 and 30 days so you can easily track your progress. It can also be used by multiple people, this is something we have not done yet but we will both be using them as my partner is going to the gym too, so he would like to view his progress too. I also had a problem with the app, every time I used the scales my weight would display on them, but then once synced with my phone it put my weight down by 2lb and I deleted and re installed the app and it seems to have fixed it but can be hit and miss. 

The scales themselves look pretty expensive, they are very modern looking and feel sturdy which is good, the price tag is affordable and makes them a lot more appealing. The scales must be used on a hard floor, so I have to weigh myself in the kitchen but I do this first thing in the morning after going for a wee and before starting breakfast etc. It has been very nice watching my progress via the app, sometimes it has taught me to not be so hard on myself and that it takes time but it does eventually work, being able to see my fat percentage go down and also my BMI has been the most rewarding thing so far on my fitness journey. These are so good for everyday use, people wanting to lose weight, or just improve their lifestyle. 

I am very happy with the scales and have already recommended them to family and friends. They can be bought on Amazon along with some of the other products they do like the heart rate monitor and the key finder. I am looking forward to using the scales for the rest of my fitness journey and am so thankful I have them or I would of give up a while ago.

* I was sent the scales for the purpose of this review. I was not paid for this and all opinions are my own. 

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