Isla's Dream House

Isla was recently invited into a competition to create her own dream house by decorating a cardboard house exactly the way she wanted, Ocean Finance wanted to see what the next generation of mini interior designers would create if they could decorate their own home. I was super excited for her as she loves doing arts and crafts so I knew she would enjoy it, and also the play house was very exciting for her she screamed as soon as she see it set up in the living room. So on Saturday we decided to paint it, we had already been out to the shops and Isla had picked some paints and stickers to decorate it with. 
So this is side 1 being decorated, she went for pink, purple and yellow, she also used a bit of glitter paint too! She got stuck in and once it was mostly covered she then done some smaller detail using a small sponge brush! She loved painting the house and was getting really excited about what she had painted on the house. 

Side 2 is her Frozen side for her dolls Anna and Elsa, she went for baby blue, royal blue and also some more glitter paint. Daddy picked her up so she could put some silver glitter on the roof of the house, she squirted a huge amount out and at first I thought oh my what just happened, but it ended up turning out really good, it started running down the roof and has dried looking like ice and snow on the roof! Maybe she knew all along it would be like that and that is why she done it. 

Side 3 she decided to get her hands messy and put some handprints on the house, although by the end she had smeared it all into one, and then she went on to cover her face, arms and belly! Bath time quickly took place after this event. She also done some little drawings at the bottom, as you can see she done a smiley face and I was extremely proud of it, its only the third time she has ever done a face before! Side 4 was kept pretty plain and she decided to put some stickers on it and also some stickers on side 1. 

So the finished result...................

This is one proud little girl posing in front of her favourite side of the house, and I have to admit it is my favourite side too. 

Making it cosy with a blanket and pillow inside. 

I am so happy that she enjoyed decorating her dream home, and as you can see she is so happy with it. Ocean Finance have been helping home owners to build their own dream homes for 20 years with mortgages, personal loans, homeowner loans and credit cards! I know I would love to build and design my own dream home one day, it is definitely something I think about often and hope to be in a position to do one day. 

* We was sent this cardboard house for Isla to decorate and to be entered into a competition. All photos, words and opinions are honest and my own. 

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