TravelSnug Review

Before we went to Egypt we was very kindly sent a TravelSnug for Isla to use on the flight, I was a little anxious this year as we was flying with a 2 year old toddler and a 4 month old baby, also I was feeling nervous about how Isla would be on the flight this year. When the TravelSnug arrived I was very impressed with how padded it was and even wanted one in adult size for myself! The pattern we was sent was the Happy Heart version and it made Isla feel a lot more excited about using it on the aeroplane.
It comes rolled up like this and is secured with 2 buckles, it has a carry handle that is awesome and makes carrying it a lot easier, we even put the handle over the handle on the hand luggage case so it stayed in place on top of the case. It is rolled up into a blanket which again is really useful as it does get quite chilly on a aeroplane for day and night flights. 

When we got on the plane we unrolled the travel snug so we could put Isla's harness on for her, you cant see very clearly in the photo but the Travel Snug strap comes up between the legs and the aeroplane belt goes through it to make it a T bar harness which I really liked. As you can tell from the photo Isla loved her seat, she looked so cosy and snuggly which also led to us getting many comments from other parents asking where it was from. 

Another great thing about the TravelSnug was that it was like a booster seat as well, so this meant Isla was at a better height to use the pull down table so she could eat and do some colouring as well. As she was sat in the middle it also meant she could get a little bit of view from out of the window. On the way home we had a night time flight and the TravelSnug was really put to the test when Isla fell asleep, and when being the question here as it took some time as she was so overtired. Once she was asleep she was really comfortable in the seat and her head was resting on the padded cushion and she was covered over with the blanket to keep her warm. We really loved trying out the TravelSnug and I definitely found it helpful especially for the night time flight home. The only fault I could find was that rolling it up on the aeroplane before we got up was a bit awkward but we kind of just put the straps on and sorted it out properly when we got to the hotel, we was also very tired and stressed so that didn't really help the situation at all. I would definitely recommend the TravelSnug, especially for long haul flights and if you travel often. 

TravelSnug also sell a harness version where you are able to put shoulder straps through, this would be really handy to even go in a pushchair or bike carriage. The travel snug can also be used on the train as well which means it can get plenty of use, its also quite large when laid out on the floor and Isla likes to cuddle up into it and watch a film or even sit in it on the sofa! We certainly give it 5 stars!

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