Isla's Toddler Room - Before

So after Christmas I have decided it about time to start doing our bedrooms up, that includes Isla's, mine and Perry's room as well as Archie's, but his bedroom mainly needs re arranging. I thought I would share how Isla's bedroom looks now, and then you can see what it looks like after. Since moving in we haven't really done much decorating or anything so its about time we did!

Isla is in the second bedroom of the house and the room is quite a good size, it is a double size but id say if you had a double bed in it you would struggle to have a wardrobe and drawers too. She is still in a toddler size bed so once she gets a single bed that will also take up more room. So this is the view you get when you stand at her door and look into her bedroom.

She has some of her favourite stuffed teddies on her bed, we removed her bed rail early this year and she has done so well without it so I feel a bit better about moving her on to a single bed now. 

On this back wall she has her window and dolls house which is from Asda, she loves this dolls house and plays with it regularly so we are definitely keeping it. Its also really pretty and adds to the girlie touch. 

We have a 8 cube unit from Ikea, I'm unsure of the name and I can see so many of you shouting at the screen right now telling me what it is haha. I need to go through these and organise the toys better in time for her Birthday and Christmas. The Happyland toys on the top have now been sold and so has the farm, although she did still play with them we just don't have the space with all the new toys she has got coming. We then have her wash bin which is falling apart, if anyone knows of any good washing bins please let me know! 

This corner of the room is to the left as you walk through the door to her bedroom, she has a play kitchen, her drawers which are also from Ikea (Ignore my can of energy drink I needed it after tidying her bedroom) She also has her trolley that is full of plastic and wooden food and then her arm chair which is covered in stuffed animals. 

So that's about it in Isla's bedroom, as you can see she doesn't have a wardrobe and that's something we need to get as well as a new bed. I'm not sure what theme I'm going to go with yet, I have two in mind and it depends on what bed we go for. I want to make it more cosy and girlie for her, she does spend a bit of time in her room, she might go up and play during the day for a little bit so I want to keep a lot of floor space for her to play. I cant wait to go through her toys and organise them better, a couple of the drawers in the cube units are not being used well, one is for her pull ups which we should find somewhere else for them, and the other is full of toys she doesn't play with anymore. We are going to donate the toys to charity or pass them down to Archie, also we will sell some to get money for her Birthday and Christmas presents. 

I'm looking forward to doing her room up, I will make another post when it is all finished! 

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